Berserk Anime Season 3: When will it premiere? What will be the story?

Berserk is a 2016 anime television series based on Kentaro Miura’s Berserk manga and the second part of the Golden Age arc film trilogy. This is the second television adaptation of the manga after the 1997 anime of the same name, covering the convection arc from the manga. A second season, aired in 2017, covers the first half of Hawk of the Millennium Empire Arc.

Berserk is a video adaptation of the anime, first published in 1997 with the same title. This anime has entertained fans with two terrific seasons with 24 episodes. The author of the anime is Shin Itagaki, and has shown his love and interest in making more series if the producers allow it.

When will it premiere?

No information has yet been received about the third part. Nevertheless, fans strongly believe that the production team would be working on the third season as the final episode of the second season surprised fans about a lot of things. It ended with a hopeful message that said: “The story continues.”

However, if we were to guess the release date of the third season of Berserk, it could happen anytime in 2021. It was first predicted towards the end of 2020, but given the state of the world, it is far less likely that we will see it this year.

What will be the story?

Season 3, it is believed, will be about ending the Falcon of the Arc of the Millennium Empire story. Kansa will look for a seaplane to take the group to skilling. There will be a serious discussion between the Vandimian family, which will become dangerous when Dare dares a fight. It is also believed that Emperor Ganishka would declare a war towards the sacred scene, but he discovers that the city is subject to invasion by soldiers from the Kushan Empire. When the fight begins, a hole will be opened in the micro zone. This would be called world change, which would bring about the physical world along with the supernatural. Due to this, things would be different for the guts, and mysterious monsters would now be able to roam freely in the physical world. If this happens, it will be the beginning of Griffith’s domination in the kingdom of Falconia.

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