10 Best Alternatives to GoGoAnime

10 Best Alternatives to GoGoAnime

Searching through the internet for anime is easy, but finding a good streaming site is not. Luckily, I have compiled a list of anime sites that are better alternatives to GoGoAnime . If you are looking for an alternative then these should serve as your next best option.

I know that there are already several lists like this one for alternatives to GoGoAnime , but most of the links presented on those sites are not working anymore. I opted to put up a list that is guaranteed to be active and free for you anime lovers out there.

1. 9anime

9anime has a pretty simple interface, making it easy to find animes with good quality. You can search for anime titles by using the search bar located at the top of the page or you may simply click on one of the tags (e.g fantasy, comedy) under “view more featured”.

What I like about 9anime is that it has a wide range of anime genres to choose from; ranging from shonen to hentai.

2. Kissanime

Kissanime has similar features to GoGoAnime , except that you have more control of your video viewing experience because it includes a video player with several functionalities such as resuming the episode from where you stopped watching and/or adjusting brightness and volume rates. I find KissAnime’s video player to be pretty useful because the one on GoGoAnime is not that good.

At least, KissAnime did not restrict videos to selected countries like GoGoAnime did; which means you can watch anime from anywhere in the world regardless of your geographical location.

The navigation buttons on Kissanime are located at the top of the page which makes it easy to navigate from the list of available episodes to a particular episode.

3. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is actually one of GoGoAnime’s sister sites which has fewer videos but still offers free anime streaming . AnimeFreak ‘s video player is not as user friendly as Kissanime, but it is still decent. AnimeFreak also has a video rating system which can be used to help you determine if the anime being watched is of appropriate content for your viewing experience.

4. GogoCartoon

GogoCartoon has a huge amount of available anime episodes compared to Kissanime and 9anime, the downside is that the site is more on the complicated side. GogoCartoon has an organized anime selection, but it can be time consuming to find what you are looking for because the search bar requires too many details to yield accurate results.

5. AnimeShow

AnimeShow ‘s interface is almost similar to GoGoAnime’s, making it easy to use. AnimeShow is one of the few alternatives that had some English titles (7%) which makes it easier for non-native speakers like me to look for anime titles. The video quality on AnimeShow is decent and I did not experience any unusual delays while watching an episode online.

6. Shounen

I’m not sure if Shounen is really an anime site, but there are a lot of good content on this website with about 60% of the videos available in HD quality. You may not find some popular titles, but there are still some decent anime consisting of comedy and scifi genres that can be enjoyed by many people.

7. AnimeTake

AnimeTake is another alternative that does not have much English titles compared to other sites, but the content available on this site is generally in HD quality with a huge video library. AnimeTake also has a convenient Navi-Bar which allows users quick access to different anime episodes.

8. CrunchyRoll

CrunchyRoll is an American website that offers anime fans the latest English dubbed anime episodes for free. The site has a huge collection of high-quality videos, but unfortunately, access to CrunchyRoll is limited only to people from select countries .

9. AnimeTosho

AnimeTosho is one of the sites that I frequently visit because it has a lot of English titles and the videos are in HD quality. The site is super easy to use, but keep in mind that AnimeTosho only allows users from countries with broadcast rights to access its media library .

10. MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList has a pretty straightforward interface that can be accessed by both beginners and experts. You can find the list of anime on this site categorized based on genres which you can use as a guide to help filter out titles that you want to watch.

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