Bhoomi Movie Review (2021): A Decent Drama with Flex

Bhoomi Movie Review: The best thing about South Industry is that they come with some great and amazing concept, Bhoomi directed by Laxman is another one in the list, the film goes straight for ott release and in the post here we are going to review the film Here we will talk about the film’s performance, screenplay, screenplay and some other details.

The film stars Jai Ram Ravi and Ronit Roy in the lead roles, the film also stars Nidhi Aggarwal, Satish and Radha Devi, the film is written and directed by Laxman and produced by Sujata Vijay Kumar, the film is now available on Hotstar. The film is about 2 hours long.

The plot

The plot of the film revolves around Bhumiathan (Jai Ram Ravi), a NASA scientist, who comes to his village on leave and there he finds that the villagers are in deep trouble and they are in debt due to bad crops. Tried to know the reason behind this, he came to know that there are big corporate companies behind it. And from there he thought of producing his own products with the help of local farmers, he challenges the corporate King Richard Child and gives a game of survival there, Richard uses all his power to stop the land, Be able to do this? You will have to watch the entire film to know this.

of demonstration

Jai Ram Ravi and Ronit Roy are in important roles and they get maximum screen presence, even Nidhi Aggarwal gets 15-20 minutes screen presence, Jai Ram Ravi tries his best to give an amazing performance, But the flawed script spoils everything, same with Ronit Roy, both the actors are brilliant with their Job, Nidhi Aggarwal is decent and she looks very beautiful in her small role, Satish as Bhumi’s friend is also decent Thea is, overall, decent in terms of film performance.

Screenplay and others

The writer had a great concept but the script lacks research, we are in 2021 and you can’t make a film without research, the film has a lot of flaws, ‘How can someone give drinking water to a minister directly to a minister IAS, there are many more how you can suddenly grow crops without pesticides. There are a lot of things that are irrational and they do not mean anything, the editing of the film is good and it is low.

The locations are fantastic and they give a realistic feel, BGM is amazing and I particularly like some of the songs I salute you, Mother song.

  • Film Name: Bhoomi
  • Platform: Hotstar
  • Rating: 2.5 / 5
  • Did I enjoy it ?: Yes (in parts)
  • Recommended? : Yes (if you are looking for a family)
  • Parents Guide: Suitable for everyone.


I am going with 2.5 out of 5 for the film, the concept of the film is amazing, but it needs a lot of research and lots of flaws, yet, if you are watching some family drama on Pongal Weekend, you You can watch the film with the fame.

The film is about 2 hours long and is now available on Hotstar in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada audio, this was our review Od Bhoomi, what is your opinion about it? Please let us know in the comments section for more posts and reviews. Stay with us, just like TheMiracleTech films.

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