Bhoomi Movie Review – A rural rural drama that sounds like a lecture on farming

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Bhoomi-L-Movie-Reviewwho is the story about?

An astronaut who works for NASA, Bhoominathan, who left for Mars on an official mission, visits his home-town before embarking on an important chapter in his career. However, problems created in his ancestral village and a tragedy within the family force him to quit his NASA job. After an ugly confrontation with local politicians and a big-bad corporate leader, Richard Child, he resolved to change the face of agriculture and ameliorate the plight of farmers in the country. Despite many obstacles in their journey, the land is determined to make agriculture profitable for farmers and end the dominance of corporates in the country.


Jayam Ravi has a brilliant performance in the film. This is his weakest performance in recent years; He looks clueless in a character who feels like a robot for crying, comes up with the punchline as if it were in his back pocket and spends personality development after the sequence. Nidhi Aggarwal has consistently proved that she is quite happy to play the role of Bimbet with a character character or objective film after the film, so there is no point in discussing her ‘performance’ (which seems like a special appearance) is. Ronit Roy has never appeared dull or lifeless on screen, an international businessman with a mouthful of verbal hooliganism. There is hardly anything in the story of Saranya Ponnavan, Thambi Ramaiya and comedian Satish. Radha Ravi is all right while taking off the skin of the manipulative politician.

Bhoomi - Tamil-Movie-Review


The intentions of the land are quite clear from the title – it is about a man named Bhoominathan (literally son of soil), his love for the nation and those who depend on soil for a living (ie farmers). His quest for dignity. Bhoomi’s trajectory is heavily inspired by Ashutosh Gowariker’s Swades, which marks the return of a man to his roots as he leaves a lucrative career at NASA. Throw a part of Srimanthudu here, a bit of Maharishi, some family spirit and knowledge why capitalism is not good for the country and there you go on a land cruise.

Bhoomi is not the first and will not be the last Tamil film to portray the anti-capitalist stance portraying the corporate world as a threat to the country, but the film has an absurd quotient.

The film goes with a very dramatic leap, offering no chance to sympathize with the protagonist’s words. He is an NRI who comes to India, finds a girl to marry, sees a family member committing suicide (unable to cope with his loss as a farmer), quits his job and Overnight decides that he will take action on the corrupt. A system of establishing a method of agriculture that honors the tireless efforts of the farmer.

Bhoomi - Tamil-Movie - Review

It is as if they took a crash course in agriculture overnight and were able to unite all the ‘gullible’ farmers in the country under one roof, so that the CEO of a business empire felt threatened. All the land has to do is milk a social issue to elevate its hero’s stature and sing hymns on it to be a transformative creator opposing almost every section of society. From an astronaut, Bhumiathan a farmer, then a mechanic and a social worker and what not! A district collector is portrayed as a female consultant, molested politician and sold to corporate, businessmen are disrespectful to the universe and the common man is opportunistic. There is no hope in mankind, but for Bhumiathan.

The narrative is designed as if the world is plotting against the hero’s idea of ​​changing society. A businessman is portrayed like an unemployed goon who is constantly warning the protagonist and waiting for him to step aside. The film’s discussion of preserving seeds in the temple’s gopurams does not know the basic difference between sales and marketing, and has a court sequence where the protagonist almost orders the judge to deliver a verdict that would bring our nation’s pride. Will restore The land has many gems that can provide fodder to meme makers for at least a week.

The film shows very little and shouts. Bhoomi Is less of a film and more like a never ending moral science lecture on agriculture and an alleged reminder of ‘Tamil pride’. Filmmaker Laxman, along with both Romeo Juliet and Bogan, show their fascination for the absurd, but this is a film that is entirely derived from its impudence. The director has no control over the proceedings here. Land is the perfect example that not everyone should base a story on agriculture.

Bhoomi - Tamil --- Movie-ReviewMusic and other departments?

Emman’s music, although far from being the composer’s best, is one of the few relatively important aspects of the film, Dudley’s cinematography is another, though the story’s trajectory does not allow him to go beyond the traditional. The film is a painfully long snooze-fest and has no head or tail. Everything about it is so vague – leaving little room for John Abraham, editor to do anything about it.


Music of Imman

Have good cinematography


Unconventional, dull story

poor performance



Did i enjoy it


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