Biden said on the attack on Parliament – it was an unprecedented attack on democracy

US President-Elect Joe Biden said of the attack on the Capitol Building that last week, we noted an unprecedented attack on our democracy. This was not something seen in our nation’s historic past of 12-12 months. He said that this legal attack was deliberate and coordinated. This was achieved by political extremists and domestic terrorists who were incited to this violence by President Trump. This was an armed escalation for America and the people should be held accountable.

“This nation is in the grip of a deadly virus and a collapsing economy,” Biden said. I hope that the Senate management will discover an alternative to take care of their constitutional functions on impeachment, while additionally working on various important enterprises of this nation.

Significantly, US President Donald Trump has not accepted his defeat in the election and he is making uncontested claims of fraud in the November 3 election. Amid his claims, Trump’s supporters stormed into and out of the Capitol Building (US Parliament House). Violence, killing a Capitol police officer and 4 others.

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