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Sai Pallavi is synonymous with Rowdy Baby in the film industry. For the grand success of Rowdy Baby songs from the film Mari 2, the actress’s fame crossed the boundaries. Recently, the song ‘Rowdy Baby’ saw 1 billion views on YouTube and set a new record. Sai Pallavi and Dhanush set the dance floor on fire with their dance moves in the film. Dhanush, Sai Pallavi, and the film unit thanked the audience for the unending love on that song. Wonderbar Films, which produced Mander 2, released a CDP to celebrate the one billion achievement of ‘Rowdy Baby’. The CDP has now resulted in controversy as the poster not only features Dhanush but also Sai Pallavi, who actually deserves major credit.

Fans, viewers, feminists and netizens on Twitter have shared their opinions on Sai Pallavi’s absence on CDP. Many are calling it an unfair move.

“Why does it hurt for him to add Sai Pallavi to the CD? That was the main reason for this. “Read a tweet. Another leader wrote,” What is this song without @sai_pallavi. It is most unfair to launch a CDP without his name and that ghee. “Sai Pallavi is not in the picture, and Ghee is not even mentioned.” They were the core that made the song 1 billion. Read another tweet “A song where @ Sai_Pallavi 92 features the entire song with his sentiments is not on the cover of any historical event. What do women need to do to get recognition? Read another tweet

‘Wonderbar Films’ is led by Dhanush and we see whether the production house or the actors themselves make a statement about the controversy.

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