Bigg Boss 4: Girls in the 3 Danger Zone! – TheMiracleTech

When Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 was announced, there were expectations from every side that a girl would win the title this time. As the title went to the men in the first three seasons, many hoped that this time a woman would get a chance. However, given the current trend, this does not seem possible as men are giving super tough competition.

It is learned that Abhijeet, Akhil, Avinash, Sohail and Lasya are currently the top five contestants in the game. And Lasya is the only woman in the top 5. While all the other female contestants Harika, Monal Gajjar and Ariana are reported to be in danger zone. This is definitely a concern for fans of Monal and Harika. Although Monal, Harika and Ariana have performed well this season, gradually they are losing it to other strong competitors. Interestingly, Akhil has greatly improved his rank. Abhijeet has been a strong contestant since the show debuted. Avinash, who entered as an entertaining contestant, has changed his track. Despite being introduced as an angry man, Sohail showed many changes and improved his graph at home. Lasya is doing a lot for her survival.

With Monal, Harika and Ariana being in the danger zone, it needs to be seen who will be eliminated this week.

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