Bigg Boss 4: Gone Over? – TheMiracleTech

Of the six contestants in this week’s nomination, Lasya received the least votes from the audience. With this, Lasia is likely to be evicted this week. Their elimination episode is scheduled to air tomorrow.

Harika, Abhijeet, Monal, Ariyana and Sohail are saved by nomination. Last week saw the elimination of Mehboob. After which the prisoners’ parents visited Bigg Boss and gave him a sweet surprise.

With the elimination of Lasya, next week’s nominations are going to be very interesting. The battle for the title of Bigg Boss gets closer as only the final six will feature Abhijeet, Akhil, Sohail, Monal, Harika and Ariana.

With the show heading towards the finale, fans of the respective contestants have given up their social media campaigns. Interestingly, Abhijeet, Harika, Akhil have good social media teams working for them.

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