Bigg Boss 4: Mehboob forced out of the house? – TheMiracleTech

The Telugu Bigg Boss 4 show is nearing completion of two months and as of now there is no clarity on who can be the winner. The equations change every week and the way Bigg Boss chooses the audience to vote in the Mind game.

The weekend is here and the contestant ending this week is heard as Mehboob Dilsay. YouTuber Mehboob Dilse secured the lowest number of votes among all the nominated contestants, while Monal Gajjar stood second.

The contestants nominated this week are Abhijeet, Harika, Sohail, Arianna, Mehboob and Monal. Mehboob is strong in bodily functions and he appears to rise above the Big Boss from the beginning. But, with the least number of votes, Mehboob seems to be the one who has to pack the bags this week.

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