Biggest Airports in USA

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This article defines about the biggest airports in USA,along with their recent achievements.

1.San Francisco International airport

Location: San Francisco

san francisco international

SFO, opened on May 7, 1927, the area covered of 150 acres (61 ha) of cow pasture. It has flights to points throughout North America and is a major gateway to Europe and Asia.

Recent Achievements: The airport stood in for Honolulu International Airport in the 2014 movie Godzilla


2. John F.Kennedy International Airport

Location: New York



JFK, opened in 1948. It was commonly known as Idle wild Airport before being renamed in 1963.

Recent Achievements: In 2007, American Airlines opened a new priority parcel service facility at their Terminal 8, featuring 30-minute drop-offs and pick-ups for priority parcel shipments within the US.


3. Los Angeles International

Location: Los Angeles, California


LAX opened on 1930, the area covered of 640 acres.

Recent Achievements: In 2014, LAX handled 70,622,212 passengers, far exceeding a previous record of 67.3 million travelers set in 2000.


4. Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Location: Illinois, Chicago

chicogo midway

ORD opened on 1945, it has flights at the points of North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

Recent Achievements: On September 2014, ORD has direct service to a total of 210 destinations, including 153 domestic destinations in the United States and 57 international destinations.


5. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Location: phoenix, Arizona


PHX was built with one runway in 1928 .The land covered of 3400 acres.

Recent Achievements: In 2012, the airport served 40,448,932 passengers, making it one of the top 10 busiest in the United States by passenger count.


6. Miami International

Location: Miami, Florida


MIA opened by two phases between 1995 and1998.

Recent Achievements: In 2011 the airport ranked first in the United States by percentage of international flights and second by volume of international passengers.


7. Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International

Location: Atlanta, Georgia


They started using this airport on1925. The land covered of 287 acres.

Recent Achievements: In 2012, Hartsfield–Jackson held its ranking as the world’s busiest airport. Both in passengers and number of flights, by accommodating 95 million passengers (more than 260,000 passengers daily) and 950,119 flights.


8. Orlando International Airport

Location: Orland, Florida


MCO opened on 1928, with the largest area covered of 1500acres.

Recent Achievements: It is the second-busiest airport in the state of Florida the 13th-busiest airport in the United States and the 29th-busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic.


9. Salt Lake City International

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah


SLC opened on 1991 and the total area covered of 7700acres.

Recent Achievements: In 2014, 21,141,610 passengers flew through Salt Lake City. There were 324,955 aircraft operations (take-offs and landings) about 900 per day. The airport is the 15th– busiest airport in the United States and 24th in the world by operations.


10. Chicago Midway International

Location: Illinois, Chicago


Midway Airport was built 1959 and the area covered of 320-acre (130 ha) plot in 1923.

Recent Achievements: In 2010 a new slogan emerged calling the airport “The busiest square mile in the world”.

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