Bihar flood relief assistance scheme 2020-2021 online application, compensation amount, beneficiary list

Bihar Badh Rahat Sahayata Yojana In Hindi Apply, Bihar Flood Relief Scheme online application, compensation amount, beneficiary list

There was a severe flood in Bihar in July, which engulfed all of Bihar, but the most affected areas were 10 districts. Here millions of people became homeless from their homes, many lost their lives, people’s animals, land, houses were all destroyed. Such terrible floods occur every year in Bihar, but the state and central government are not finding any permanent solution to it. People of Bihar are badly affected by this. In order to provide some relief and financial assistance to the people, the Bihar State Government has announced a flood relief assistance scheme. Under the scheme, the government will provide financial assistance to the affected people. So that they can start their lives again in a new way. Who will get the benefit of the scheme, what is the application process, we are going to give you all the information through this article, read the article carefully till the end.


Flood relief assistance scheme

Where started

Bihar state

Who announced

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar


Flood affected


6000 rupees for every flood affected

Bihar Chief Minister Older Pension Scheme – The government is giving every month, 400-500 rupees pension, you should also raise the benefits

Objective of Bihar Flood Assistance Scheme –

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has started the scheme with the aim to help the flood affected people. Thousands of people have suffered loss of money, these money will help people.

Bihar Flood Assistance Scheme Compensation Relief Fund –

The Bihar government itself has announced that all the people affected by the Bihar floods, their pucca or kachcha houses have been broken or have lost their lives, the government has given financial assistance of Rs 6000 to each family. Will give This amount will be in the form of compensation, which will be directly transferred to the bank account of the people. The government has decided different compensation for different losses, below it is mentioned in the list how much money will be received in which loss.

  • If someone dies due to flood in the family, then the government will get a sum of 4 lakhs for compensation.
  • If there is loss of clothes due to flood, then relief assistance of Rs 1800.
  • 2000 rupees help if utensils are damaged.
  • If the crop has been destroyed in one’s farming, then he will get Rs. 6800 per hectare.
  • If the cow and buffalo creatures are destroyed in someone’s house, then they will get 30 thousand rupees per animal.
  • If a horse is destroyed due to flood, then he will get 25 thousand compensation per animal.
  • If there is loss of sheep, pigs or goat, then 3000 rupees per animal will be found.
  • If someone’s house is completely destroyed in any way, they will get Rs 95100.
  • If someone has lost chickens, they will get a maximum compensation of Rs 5000.
  • If there is some damage to someone’s pucca house, then he will get help of Rs 5200.
  • If there is damage in one’s raw house, then he will get Rs 3200.
  • If the place of the animal in the house is damaged, then it will get Rs 2100.
  • If someone’s hut is completely broken, he will get Rs 4100.

Bihar Corona Immediate Assistance Scheme – Receive 1000 rupees financial assistance from the government.

Benefits provided under Bihar Flood Assistance Scheme –

  • Those who have been disturbed due to the flood, their houses have been broken or washed away or someone has died, then the government will give them a compensation of Rs 6000.
  • Apart from this, if the farming land is ruined in any family, there is loss of fauna, or any kind of property is damaged, then the government will provide them financial assistance from a separate relief fund.
  • The government is making a list of all those people who need help, who will be in the list in their name, only they will be able to take advantage of this scheme.

Details of flood affected areas in Bihar –

Some districts of Bihar have been completely flooded, whose list has been declared flood prone by the government. Right now the government has declared 12 districts of Bihar, 101 blocks as flood zones. The 29 lakh 62 thousand population living here has been affected by this. While 50 lakhs have been badly affected.

Bihar flood affected area –

Sitamarhi, Shivhar, Supaul, Kishanganj, Darbhanga, Muzaffarnagar, Gopalganj, Khagaria, Saran, East Samastipur, West Samastipur, Champaran

Bihar Flood Relief Scheme Eligibility and Documents –

  • The benefit of the scheme will be given only to those who fall under the flood affected district. Only those in flood affected districts declared by the government should apply for the scheme.
  • Compensation will be given to those whose houses are in flood affected area
  • To take advantage of the scheme, it is necessary to have an Aadhaar card.
  • residence certificate
  • Bank information

Bihar Ration Card List – Check online name in ration card list in Bihar.

How to apply for Bihar Flood Assistance Scheme –

No applicant will have to apply separately to get the benefit of the scheme. The government will benefit the people of flood affected districts by making a list of them. The work of the list will be of the district, gram panchayat. For whose name will not be in the list, the government will also organize a camp from time to time, you can go to the camp yourself and give all the details, and you can register your name in the list by giving full details.

Bihar Flood Assistance Scheme Beneficiary List –

The Bihar government will set up camp in the area which is heavily flooded so that people can register their names in the beneficiary list. In the camp, you will be given all the information along with the documents, the officer will check the paper you have submitted and submitted. If all goes well, your name will be added to the list and over time the state government will directly transfer the money to your account.

Through the Bihar Flood Assistance Scheme, there will be a lot of relief to the family affected by the flood, whatever the economic loss of the people has been able to compensate to some extent.

general question –

Q: How much compensation is being given under Bihar flood assistance scheme

Ans: Rs 6000 to all affected people.

Q: In Bihar floods, if the house is completely washed away or broken, then how much amount is the government giving to it?

Ans: Rs. 95100

Q: If a person has died in Bihar flood, then how much amount of help will the family get.

Ans: Rs 4 lakhs

Q: Under Bihar Flood Assistance Scheme, what to do if there is no name in the beneficiary list?

Ans: The government will organize camps in the affected area, the information of which has gone to the above article, please read it carefully there.

Q: How many flood affected areas are there in Bihar?

Ans: 12 districts, 101 blocks

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