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Originally aired on the Showtime channel, and now available on DisneyPlus Hotstar, Billion is a TV show, which deals with a complex drama about politics and city finances in New York. With a total of 5 seasons and a full 55 episodes, IMDB rating of Billion is 8.4 out of 10 and is liked by viewers for several reasons.

Read on to learn more about the show!

Billion Season 6: Release Date

To date, no new updates have been made as to whether the show has been canceled or renewed for a new season. The previous season was well received by viewers, although it had a significantly lower viewing rate than the previous few seasons. Viewers are expecting a new season as the show is liked worldwide. And now as it is streaming on the OTT platform, a lot of people are watching it.

The cause can also be attributed to the COVID epidemic, which is prevalent in the world. The epidemic has stopped all productions and thus left the entertainment business in a state of turmoil. We can only hope for the best.

We will have to stay tuned for updates on the show and more updates on official news.

Billions Season 6: Plot

Produced by Brian Kopelman, David Levine and Andrew Ross Sorkin, The Billion is an American drama TV series focused mostly on large financial centers housed in New York. The plot revolves around the life of a financial fund manager, who collects money and power in a slow and steady manner in the world of high Miracle. The plot begins when he has to take illegal steps to ensure that his power and wealth do not disappear.

The plot consists of a lot of thrills and arcs, leading to a thrilling and backbone plot. Therefore, the plot also points to many true events that have occurred in the world of Miracle, and thus it is interesting and informative at the same time.

In the 5th season, we saw Bobby and Chuck rule their toxic rivalry, and new hardcore enemies have also entered the scene. They will now focus on taking their targets down. Mike also poses a threat to the ax and Wendy regains control of their relationship which was strange to her previous alliances.

With the end of season 5 on a high note, we are expecting to see a lot of new twists and exciting sin seasons. 6. It has a slow burn and puts one on edge, yo will be tight in some and wait for new news to inform us about the season as well as any new updates.

Billions Season 6: Cast and Character

We hope to have a new cast again Miracle season. Chuck Rohds as Paul Ryads, Damien Lewis as Bobby Axlrod, and Maggie Siff as Wendy Rohides will return to the screen. The cast also stars David Costabile, Kelly Aucone, Condola Rashad and Jeffrey DeMun.

We have not yet been able to know whether there will be a new star or not, but we have to save our eyes to know it.

Until then, keep watching!

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