Black Clover Chapter 278 Spoiler Released: Jack’s New Magic

The wait is finally over and the Black Clover Chapter 278 spoiler has finally leaked online for everyone to read.

Due to New Year, there was a week break between the chapters and hence there was no one Black clover Chapter released last week for everyone to read.

Now that the break is over, the time for the initial spoiler is finally here and today in this article we share Black clover 278 Spoiler and discuss what we can expect in the upcoming chapter.

For now we only received a portion of the spoiler, so be patient while adding more spoilers to this article. So far, only three images have leaked from the Chapter 278 raw scan, we can expect a complete spoiler by tomorrow.

One Piece 1001 Manga Spoiler Have also been released, so if you are a fan of One Piece manga then you should check it out as well.

Let’s not waste anymore time and start with the Black Clover Spoiler.

Read Black Clover Chapter 278 Spoiler

These Black Clover spoilers have not yet been confirmed, so wait until you read the official chapter before drawing any conclusions.

But the person delivering these spoilers is highly trusted and for reasons I am not mentioning any names.

So what happens next in the upcoming Black Clover chapter 278?

Dante vs Nate and Jack

While Charlate is taking care of the team, Vonica, Nach and Jack together to fight Anston Dante. We all know how strong Dante is from his feud against Yami and since Jack and Yami had a rivalry, I’m sure Jack is going to take it seriously.

Captain Jack’s only rival is captured by the dark trio, and he is angry and even though Nach is with him, he is sure to fight Dante alone. But can he beat her alone?

The next part of the chapter 278 spoiler gives us more clues about this.

Jack’s new spell

So as we mentioned above, to defeat Dante, Captain Jack needs to be strong and for that he needs strong magic. The magic is stronger than what he erased earlier.

Like every hero in every anime, Jack was sure to have a power boost and thus a new spell. But will it just be a magic boost for him or will he learn a different element of magic that helps him fight Dante?

Fans are very excited to see Jack vs. Dante and even though we all wish Jack would win, we all know that is not going to happen. But to ensure the fight will be neck to neck.

Vanika is upset and confused

Vanika did not expect anyone to stand in front of her like Noel did. He thought that only Knowle and Loropochka could stand against him. But here he encountered an enemy who ruined him within minutes and evenings without much effort.

Captain Charlett has become very strong due to her past events and now that she has gained control of her power, she can now use both the blue rose and the red rose.

She has actually become the Beaver Queen now. The stronger he is with the demon’s magic, the stronger his face and his immense advantage over him.

Is Vanika defeated or will she return and the fight begin again?

There is a lot that we do not know and that is why the fully Black Clover 278 manga spoilers are eagerly awaited for release online.

Is there a break next week for black clover manga?

Even though One Piece is on break next week, Black Clover is not. There will be no break between Chapter 278 and Black Clover 279. Black Clover Chapter 278 will be officially released this Sunday, January 17, 2021 and will be available to read on the Sh शोnen Jump website.

Chapter 2 will be released on 9 January 2021. So keep updating this article as more spoiler.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming Black Clover chapter in the comments below and don’t forget to check our articles Solo leveling 136 And Jujutsu kassen episode 14.

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