Black Friday: 10 pieces to grab this Friday grab

A stone’s throw from Black Friday, Amazon, FNAC, CDScount or Darty are actively preparing the ground. This Friday, we are searching for thousands of good deals on each of these e-commerce platforms. Also we have made a list with the best deals available below. It is updated according to new products and out of stock.

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If the term is slightly forbidden in France, Black Friday remains a landmark. The entire month of November is marked by this operation, which has begun in late October with some players. Like every day during the year, Amazon is striking Friday with generous sales. The same is also the case with Cdiscount or Fnac.

For this Black Friday, Amazon is always preparing to offer thousands of promotions so that customers can save money. In general, they can easily reduce their Christmas budget by 30 to 40% depending on the brand. Black Friday is a highlight today that has mounted sales or operations such as French Days. This is where the best deals to save you will appear.

Black Friday and Amazon, a huge success

For Black Friday, Amazon and CDScount distinguish two types of promotions. There are flash sales that are one-sided and that allow for the best deals. They target big brands, recent products – but they are in limited quantities. So you should periodically return to the e-commerce site to see them.

At the same time, there is propagation of red thread, which lasts for a long time. They will be available on site until stock runs out. They are the longest-lasting and they are the most abundant. For this Black Friday, Amazon and others have already unveiled such offers in early November. However, at any time, the stock may run out.

At Amazon, Black Friday will be a pivotal moment that will allow the merchant to recover after a complex year. With the first imprisonment, closing of warehouses in France, complex logistics and stockouts, the year has been difficult. For the end of the year, he hopes to succeed in motivating customers – while allowing them to save money.

To satisfy the largest numbers, Black Friday on Amazon has always covered all categories. We will find offers on DIY, decoration, culture, beauty and electronics. This is the last category that is most emphasized. Smartphones, computers, game consoles and other connected devices are in high demand during this period.

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Black friday, an american story

Angelism reflects an American origin. At the end of the year Black Friday was born after the war to support merchants. By promotion, they were at that time successful in changing their numbers from red to green (hence the concept of “black”). Since then, the craze has grown and it is Amazon that exported Black Friday internationally.

In France, it has been ten years since Black Friday arrived. Amazon is only a meager partner because 90% of commerce is done “offline”. For information, Amazon represents only 20% of e-commerce, which itself represents only 10% of French commerce. Therefore the ratio is close enough to the particular Black Friday operation.

If Black Friday and Amazon have a close link, French merchants today are fully benefiting. Fnac, Darty, Cdiscount and others have not hesitated to increase their budget in this period, for other commercial works. This is a strong moment when the French are ready to buy more to save money for the year-end holiday season.

Amazon extends the period of return

By default, the government is required to offer a 14-day return period to all e-merchants operating in France. During this period, customers can test and confirm their purchases on the Internet. If they don’t like it (and it’s like new), they can return it and get a full refund for their purchase.

For Black Friday, Amazon goes even further. Customers will be able to return their product (purchased since mid-October) by January 31, 2021. In other words, if they give a gift for Christmas that day, they can still return it. In Cdiscount or Fnac, there are only 14 test days. It is therefore essential that the products be ensured so that Christmas shopping is not regretted. In any case, the products can still be resold on third party sites.

For this edition of Black Friday, Amazon, CDScount and others have strong ambitions. With barrier gestures, the French have recently avoided mixing too much. They calmly take the opportunity to shop on the web. It is clear that there is a possibility of loss at the time of delivery, and it is better to secure your purchase as soon as possible.

In the list we made above, we identified all of Black-Friday’s prior deals on Amazon and others. They are updated throughout, with any stockouts being updated. Apple, Samsung, Sony or Microsoft, all major brands are represented. Make the most of it before it is too late. Every day, merchants increase their offers. But beware, we have already made the stocks disappear in the last few days.

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