Black Friday: A Day at Risk… – Paris Côte d’Zur

Have you already prepared your “whistlelist” on your favorite sites? Whether you have budgeted for the occasion or are anticipating your Christmas gifts at a low price, Black Friday is not without risk to your personal data, and not just when shopping online. Free Wi-Fi networks are easy to find in large shopping malls, although open Wi-Fi networks should be avoided. If you need a fully public Wi-Fi connection, be extra careful and avoid accessing your sensitive data like your bank accounts. By inserting malware, cybercriminals can also go on to hack USB charging stations. If you cannot find a safe place to charge your devices or if you are not sure about the safety of the USB plug, then turn off your device before plugging it in.

Hackers are able to use many different payment methods: bank transfers, prepaid cards, money orders or even gift certificates … These methods make the identification of recipients almost impossible, but any refund To. Be cautious when encountering sites asking for these means of payment. Prioritize PayPal or a secure credit card payment. And never use wire transfer or prepaid card under any circumstances.

Also, beware of links that are sent to you on some applications such as WhatsApp, which are supposed to be from your relatives, it is not always easy to distinguish malicious links. Even coming from an influential one, like Black Friday on a day when deals are raining, if he promises you a priceless promotion, take a few minutes to ask yourself if it’s realistic is. All hackers and crooks have one thing in common: they have an infinite imagination to develop a fake e-shopping site, a fake return site… If you are not 100% sure, A link, do not click!

Check that you are ordering from a known site. One way to do this is not to click on the promotional link or email, but to search for the merchant or product of your choice and click on the link from your favorite search engine results page. . Beware of “special” offers. An 80% discount on new iPhones is usually not an opportunity to buy reliably or reliably … same domain name, misspellings in emails or websites, and beware of sender unknown …

Whether shopping online or at the store, it is important for your promotion to be on your guard against this popular day. But if you remain vigilant and use the right safety equipment then the risk is less. So, do your due diligence and take the opportunity to support the traders who need this year more than ever!

Blandine Delaporte – Siberevangelist
Check Point Software Technologies

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