Black Friday taunted by #GreenFridayChallenge

While every year, the textile industry throws out 4 million tons of cloth and sells 5 million in Europe and takes 11,000 liters of water to produce jeans, the Green Friday collective takes the floor again with the opportunity for Black Friday. An unexpected event for consumers, but which will have negative consequences for the planet. A communication campaign that encourages the public to become “consumers” for about thirty days, around a message broadcast on posters, on the web and on various digital levers of members of the collective (dated 200), indicating a press release is. Concept ? Deploy (from October 27) and until November 27, small challenges in the form of activation for viewers via Instagram, and invite them to post pictures of their works around the hashtag posted to the cause: #GreenFridayChallenge. Finally, the brand is invited to join the movement for responsible consumption (repair, reuse, integration, organic, etc.) throughout the year and to donate 10% of its business for the day, by the collective Benefit from selected committed associations.

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