Black Friday Tv Deals 2022 – Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy

Black Friday Tv Deals 2022 - Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy

The Black Friday TV Deals 2022 is right around the corner, but which retailers will be offering the best deals this year? In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Black Friday TV deals from Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and Target. We have compiled a list of one of the best black Friday smart tv deals 2022 for you. So let’s get started!

Best Black Friday Smart Tv Deals 2022

Black Friday Tv Deals 2022
Black Friday Tv Deals 2022

1. LG 70″ Class NanoCell 75 Series LED 4K

The LG 70″ Class NanoCell 75 Series LED 4K UHD 75LA7400NA includes an excellent design, but the wide color gamut and 4K upscaling support are let down by a mediocre HDR performance. This is an excellent TV.

Its elegant design will draw admiring looks from anyone who’s seen it, and the picture performance is excellent once you get beyond the obvious wobbles that I experienced.

I found dark scenes in Dark Knight that, despite not being fully mastered, gave an almost classic Kubrick feel, with darker tones flaring up under explosions and gems of water clinging onto rocks.

Black levels were also strong, with clearly defined edges. The opening scene of Titanic showed the water convincingly rippling from the bow of the doomed ship, with the water blocking out pretty much all the detail in the nearby ice field.

With everything lit up and saturated, the NanoCell 75 looks like what a traditional LCD could look like, but with less color variation and sharper contrast between colors.

A common complaint is that OLED TVs have better blacks than LCDs, but the NanoCell 75 has a black level that is on par or better than my OLED TV, which means, bizarrely, that it is arguably better than the OLED.

The Colour rendition was also excellent, with rich, saturated colors and a great-looking dynamic range. One issue I found with the dark scenes is that, when watching HDR videos from Netflix or HBO, there were dips in brightness that wouldn’t recover.

I tried watching the same scene with a dark-skinned actress on a bright set, and the contrast didn’t recover. It sat at the same level and only recovered after about 30 seconds of inactivity.

The NanoCell 75’s wide color gamut is a definite strength, and I’d happily call it the best OLED performance in my review so far. The room I played this in is a particularly bright space, and colors were only subtly affected when sat right up against the windows.

Brightness issues also extended to normal HDR content I watched from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. This is typical because of scenes with intense lights where the video bars were far brighter than the ambient light.

The NanoCell 75’s upscaling support is average, but with impressive bright room performance. HDR content was surprisingly good, even with Netflix’s HDR10 content, but the upscaling looks a little softer than I would like.

The pros of the NanoCell 75’s upscaling are that it does deliver a good picture, even in the dark scenes, and if you sit far enough back from the TV. When sitting closer to it the upscaling becomes a lot more noticeable. 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays are also above average, with sharp images, a wide color gamut, and punchy blacks.

The audio is surprisingly good too, with LG’s webOS doing an excellent job of compressing and mastering Atmos and DTS:X audio. I’ve yet to come across an issue with the sound on the NanoCell 75, whether with audio or video.

While some OLED TVs have noticeable motion blur, the NanoCell 75 is remarkably free from this. Even during fast-action scenes in Blade Runner 2049, I noticed very little motion blur. Netflix and Amazon’s HDR content looked and sounded excellent on the NanoCell 75.

Netflix’s HDR10 content looked excellent thanks to the TV’s wide color gamut, which helped with the appearance of blacks. Colour saturation and contrast were never a problem when watching HDR content, with LG’s webOS doing a great job of encoding the 4K content and adding HDR visuals.

The only downside with Netflix’s HDR10 content is that Netflix’s picture settings don’t allow you to boost the brightness of the black beyond a certain level, which drags down the contrast. Amazon Prime Video’s HDR10 content looked excellent, although the image was far brighter than I preferred and parts of the image were blown out.

HDR10 content is encoded in SDR, which means the TV has to upscale the video to 4K level, and this results in a softer image than I’d like. Amazon Prime Video’s HDR10 content looks better as a Dolby Vision layer.

This allows for a brighter image, but with the downside of losing access to the wide color gamut. As this is a 4K TV, the NanoCell 75 also has an 8K upscaling mode, which upconverts SDR content to 8K through 4K Upscale.

This helps with Netflix content, but LG’s HDR10 content is still encoded in SDR, which means the upscaling is noticeable, and standard HDR10 content can look markedly softer than SDR content. The NanoCell 75 features a lovely, elegant design that is easy to live with, with plastic materials that are strong while still being light.

The stand rotates up 90 degrees and down 45 degrees, and it has a sliding motion that allows it to slide forward and back. The flat wall mount has a tiny VESA hole, which isn’t ideal for mounting on a normal wall.

This TV is designed to last, with LG’s excellent 10-year warranty, and LG’s excellent customer support. The stand can also be adjusted to tilt forward for 15 degrees, 40 degrees, or 60 degrees. Unlike many TVs, LG hasn’t gone for 4K by default and has given the TV the ability to upscale content to 4K.

This is thanks to LG’s WebOS, which is capable of upscaling SDR content to 4K. The TV comes with a solid, clear remote control that is easy to use, and with search features and voice search along with simple menus, it should be easy for you to navigate the TV.

LG’s WebOS is excellent and includes various features such as WebOS Cloud and LG Content Store. LG’s WebOS Cloud is a service that lets you download programs to the TV, and while this does take weeks, it shows LG is committed to getting your programs onto the TV.

LG’s Content Store and LG Plus are other services, but they’re limited, as Netflix and Amazon are in the US, so you won’t get access to their services here. LG’s WebOS is a great, intuitive interface that is similar to Apple’s TVOS.

Regardless of where you buy your cable boxes, Sky or Now TV, LG’s webOS should play back content smoothly. This includes apps that stream content, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer.

Physical buttons for the TV’s services are hidden under the tab menu when browsing the apps. LG’s Smart ThinQ AI is also relatively intuitive to use. The artificial intelligence allows you to control certain functions and works on LG’s latest TVs.

Google Assistant is also built into LG’s TV, as is LG’s own AI platform, ThinQ. These both allow you to control the TV’s functions, and they work on the TV’s smart ThinQ AI camera. As with most TVs, the default menus are very simple, with lots of features hidden away, and LG’s smart ThinQ AI is very easy to use once you know how it works.

The webOS Remote app is great, with LG’s excellent voice search, although it sometimes fails to recognize words or phrases. It’s easy to use, and you can point the remote at anything and have a description pop up.

The remote uses a battery, and while this isn’t an issue, it does need charging every few days. One of the issues that I’ve started to notice is that menus can take a while to load, and I often saw LG’s logo and cursor moving about on the screen.


  • Great 4K picture
  • Great sound
  • Good smart functionality
  • Decent value
  • Good warranty
  • No Cons


We hope you found this guide helpful for understanding the best Black Friday TV deals 2022.

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