Blindagram on Netflix: Can it extend the streak of success?

It has been a happy Diwali, at least for the Tamil film industry. there Space. Who would have thought last Diwali that things would be topless for Tamil cinema. The coronovirus changed the pattern of how cinema is consumed. This Diwali, big Tamil star films are being seen on streaming platforms around the world, while small budget films have made their way into theaters.

Two big films – Surya’s Soorai Potru and RJ Balaji – Nayantara’s Mukuthi Amman have released online and both have received good reviews and public buzz. These films have treated the audience with good content in the festive season and all eyes are now on Andhagaram to be released on Netflix on 24th of this month.

Andhaghaaram Is a supernatural thriller called, A New Artist, V. Vighnarajan has written and directed. The fact that it is produced by promising young filmmaker Attlee got a craze for the film. If the film also succeeds, Tamil film content will become more popular with audiences across the country and the TheMiracleTech market for Tamil films will improve in the coming days. The film stars Arjun Das and Vinoth Kishan in the lead roles. Pooja Ramachandran and Misha Ghoshal are the heroines.

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