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EveryCBS is famous for airing political, historical and legal dramas, but this time it was a thrill for us. Matthew Federman and Stephen Skia who work as creators, writers as well as executive producers of Blood and Treasure. Stay relaxed as this show will change your views on the company you keep. Let’s see what happens when a thief and an expert team get up and try to do karma.

Blood and Treasure Season 2: Release Date

The first season of Blood and Treasure concluded its twelfth episode in May 2019. Fans have been restless for the next season since then. CBS also thinks that Blood and Treasure can bring a new gust of wind to the network; Hence it was renewed in June 2019. But fans question that if it is revived in 2019, where is the second season? It is already late 2020. The answer is that Blood and Treasure will probably be on CBS in 2021 as production began in late 2019 and 2020 was all about COVID-19.

Blood and Treasure Season 2: Cast

We do not have any updates about new faces joining the cast. So, if you ask me to predict the cast members for the second season, I think those mentioned below are safe bets.

  • Sophia feet Will appear in the character of Lexie Vaziri from the first season
  • Katia Winter Will play the role of Wayne Carlson as season one
  • Mark Gagliardi will be playing Father Chak from season one
  • Alicia Coppola will honor the role of Anna Castillo
  • James Kallis plays Simon Hardwick as he did last season

Blood and Treasure Season 2: Plot

We will get a bonus of romance in the second season of Blood and Treasure, except for the promised thrills and adventures. Thief- The police pair (not the police, I hope you guys meet) is in Egypt to see the mysterious tomb of Cleopatra. Will Lexie and Danny find a lost treasure? We are sure that Lexie Danny will forgive the events of the FIR that explain the upcoming romance to an extent.

Blood and Treasure Season 2: Story

So when you run low on thrills, Blood and Treasure come to watch the episodes. The story is about a couple, consisting of an ancient expert and a cunning thief. The precious treasure that Lexi, the thief stole, was stolen again and due to its ancient value, Danny, experts are also watching it. They manage to track it into the hands of a terrorist who is using it to Miracle terrorism worldwide. In their own way to extract the treasure from that terrorist’s hand, the pair unexpectedly do something big.

So when we are convinced that the second season is going on and we will have a great story with the same cast, what else can we ask for from Blood and Treasure? I wrote another article Blood and treasure season 2, And if you are interested, you can find more information about the series. You guys can also comment on which of these two was better.

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