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I am always here with suggestions for your movie nights. But it would be easier if you tell me about your preferences. Today I’ve got an adventure drama series on my list. As the title suggests the series is titled Blood and Treasure, but the question here is whose blood is it? Whose treasure? More than that if the CBS series gets renewed for a second season? As to find these answers, we have to look into it, so we should start. Sophia feet And Katia Winter Blood and Treasure is featured as a staple in Season 1.

Blood and Treasure Season 2: Release Date

Blood and Treasure was premiered on CBS on 21 May 2019 and received a good number of fans with a run of 12 episodes. CBS renewed Blood, and Treasure for the second installment on 26 June 2019. If not for this situation of COVID-19, we will see the second season of the franchise so far. Filming involves several locations some of which were virus hotspots and a complete lockdown. But the good news is that the problem is under control, production resumes which starts in October 2019. Although no official date has been stated by the distributor, we can still speculate. Fans need to wait for a few months, and CBS will reward them with hope in 2021 with Blood and Treasure Season 2.

Blood and Treasure Season 2: Plot

The story of blood and treasure was intriguing and ended with a cliffener. This is where we will try to tell our imagination about the upcoming plot. We saw the Queen return to the second last episode, Legacy of the Father, which is something that the second season will carry on. And Denny is going to be the center of attention again. The more I think, the more impatient I am. Do you have any theory about the plot? Well, the official trailer will reduce it somewhat, so we should continue the teaser.

Blood and Happiness Season 2: Story

The story of Matthew Federman and Stephen Skia is something we call “wow”. The thrill and the uniqueness of the plot caught the attention of the audience. We see how a thief and an ancient expert team up for a common goal. The story follows their quest to find a stolen treasure that is now being used as a fund by a terrorist. Things go completely wrong when the team realizes that the situation is not as simple as they thought. The plot focuses on our protagonist, who is an FBI agent.

The first season received a rating of 5.7 out of 10 on the review aggregator, known as Rotten Tomatoes. I think Blood and Treasure is undoubtedly something to try to see and as the second season is sure to come, then we will have a full view of the plot. If you’re in for some action sequences, check out Jack Ryan. But read about it before watching Jack ryan season 3. I look forward to your feedback on my work and will keep a close watch on what is new here.

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