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Here’s what you need to know about season 11 of Blue Blood.

Blue blood season 11 release date

Filming for the eleventh season has begun. Production began on October 1, 2020. However, no specific release date has been revealed so far. According to sources, CBS has slated the ET / PT timetable for police and family drama at 10 am on Friday.

Blue blood season 11 cast

The eleventh season will feature all the characters that fans love and love. Here is the cast of Blue Blood Season 11:

Frank Sagen, Tom Selleck as NYPD Police Commissioner

Donnie Wahlberg as Detective Danny Reagan

Bridget Monahan as Detective Erin Reagan, ADA

Will speculate as Sgt. Jamie Reagan

Len Carreau as Henry Reagan, former NYC Commissioner of Police

Marissa Ramirez as Detective Maria Badge

Vanarsa Re Aad Junko Reagan

Blue blood season 11

Blue blood season 11 plot details

The addition of Joe Hill (Will Hochman) will definitely affect every member of the Reagan family. The executive producer has posted a sign that, it will completely change how everyone works with and relates to him. The other integral is Reagan’s family dinner, although it is not yet known whether the family dinner scene will be shot, under COVID-19 filming guidelines this season.

Allegedly, the eleventh season will address the coronovirus epidemic, along with the Black Life Matter movement. We can see Danny moving forward on his life and dating someone who is right for him. Jamie and Eddie are married so the story may also focus on their personal lives, which may include being pregnant.

keeping in mind COVID-19 Scenario CBC has reduced the episode number from the usual 22 to 16 episodes.

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