“Blue, white, and red of French and British flags” – Alpine F1 launch “Temporary Winter Lies”, A521 will be released next month.

“Blue, White, and Red of French and British Flags” – Alpine F1 has given a teaser with the introduction of a “temporary winter lie”, with Alpine A521 with Fernando Alonso and Estebon Ocon to be released next month .

Renault has kickstarted ‘Renaulution’, part of which includes bringing all of Renault’s activities under the Alpine umbrella. This is how and why Renault F1 has been remade for Alpine F1 this season.

In addition, Laurent Rossi has been brought in as Alpine CEO, with speculation that ex-Suzuki MotoGP chief David Brivio may be brought in as CEO of the F1 team. In addition, Cyril Abitboul has stepped down from his role of team principal of Renault / Alpine.

And today, a “temporary winter lie” was launched, acting as a teaser for the 2021 battle. It has a black base with red, white and blue colors, indicating their loyalty to France and Great Britain. The car has been a A500 F1 prototype since 1975, with the ‘real’ car called the Alpine A521. It will be launched next month with Fernando Alonso and Estebon Ocon as Alpine Design Director Antony Villain.

He added, “The Alpine F1 team presented today marks the first emergence of a new identity. Some structural graphic elements will remain on racing life while others will change. The ‘oversized’ Alpine symbol in the tricolor graphics system is the brand’s identity in motorsport. The first is a clear-cut symbol. “

“The colors blue, white, and red refer to the colors of the French and British flags, which is very important to us. Many changes are yet to come on all motorsport assets. “

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