Bollywood needs Pankaj Tripathi in all forms

Pankaj Tripathi Right now ruling our screens and our hearts equally. The versatile actor made his Bollywood debut in 2004 with small roles in Run and Omkara, but very few knew how big a person he would become when the time came and let’s be thankful that we are the generation to watch as he rises. Got Pankaj Tripathi. He comes from a small town in Bihar, where he belongs to a family of farmers and priests. He received a degree from the National School of Drama and did not look back after that.

Pankaj Tripathi achieved his prominence with his antagonistic role in Gangs of Wasseypur, where he played the role of a butcher and then Bollywood began to focus on what gem he is as a person , Being an actor and a human. Now nothing was stopping her, she played both positive and negative roles and attracted attention and love from all. He went on to become one of the most sought-after men in Bollywood. He became a household name through his role in Mirzapur and along with this he did some critically acclaimed roles which also won him awards and love.

right after Mirzapur Was released and while its flick was still strong and running we saw Anurag Basu’s much awaited film “Ludo”, where we played Pankaj Tripathi as a gangster. Again. His talent has made him very endearing and his justice for such characters is perhaps what attracted writers, producers and directors to approach him for such roles. But it’s starting to get dull now, we’ve been associating Tripathi with gangster / criminal / goon roles for quite some time and it almost seems like we don’t want to see him as someone else, but that’s not true. Gunjan Saxena, released a few months ago, saw Tripathi playing a father role with Gunjan Saxena, a young Air Force pilot, and the way he performed that role steals the show for us. There was not much of that but whatever he had was enough for us. Tripathi himself once said in an interview that he does not like movies and shows where he has guns and all those abuses. But he knows and we know that this is part of his job.

Bollywood over the decades has seen many actors who have played gangsters and criminals and it seems that Tripathi is also being led and placed in those categories, but we know her as fans They cannot be the case. The man has the most amazing abilities and can move any character flawlessly and in another recent interview he is seen mentioning that we will not see him in such roles until next year. Meaning, Pankaj Tripathi has more in store for us.

Now, we want to see her in more diverse roles and we are falling in love with cinema again and again.

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