Bombat Telugu Movie Review – A Silly Excuse of a Film

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Ground level: A silly excuses of a film

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who is the story about?

Bombat Movie Review -

the story of Bombhaat An inauspicious person revolves around Vicky (Sushant), who for some reason is credited to Vicky. Since his birth, his parents and people around him think that he does nothing but bad luck.

Under such circumstances, Vicky does not have an unexpected friendship with a professor named Acharya (Shishir Sharma). How does his knowledge of things provide hope, and promoting love changes Vicky’s life forever, what is the film about?


Bombat Movie Review -

Sai Sushant Reddy, playing the role of Vicky, lacks the look and body language required for the character. Of course, we do not have a proper definition for what an ill-fated man would look like, but he seems to be cast out instead of making a prediction about what happened. Given the lack of any intensity in his casual dialogue delivery, things like this are probably too much. Sushant has nothing else to talk about as he lacks the necessary skills of sentimentality.


Raghavendra Varma directed Bombhaat. The story of the film is very thin. This required watertight screenplays and crazy, fast-paced scenes with bizarre visuals to make it work. Unfortunately, this does not happen.

The elaborate opening sequence after a voice-over by Sunil makes things clear. Well, ‘voice over’ itself clarifies things for that matter. When we finally see the fate of the film, it’s your face.

Bombat Movie Review -

Nevertheless, going forward, the majority of the screenplay is filled with scenes showing bad luck. It can be fun in parts, but its forever expansion through dialogue makes it annoying. Sadly, there is no relief in other sub-plots as well.

The whole mad-scientist angle could have been a thrilling affair in the hands of a competent director. Here it is as silly as it can get. The other track in the goon after Professor’s daughter is very bad. Basically, no one has any relief from landslides from any angle.

Action on it proceeds with greater dexterity. With the introduction of the second heroine and how the whole thing unfolds, the director and his team have made no effort to play a compelling role. All we get are kindergarten level scenes for entertainment and dealing with Hollywood copies for the sci-fi parts.

The whole thing never ends by ending, because it lasts a long time. The sheer predictability and silly execution make the entire viewing experience unbearable. It is if one can reach that point, however.

Altogether, Bombhaat Is a silly film with a silly premise and executed in the most childish manner. There is nothing that can be liked in the film content-wise. In short, it is a forgotten episode from beginning to end. If we were to go through the main plot of the flick, we would only have to say that those who are inauspicious will see it.

Other artists?

Chandni Chaudhary Another is seen in a low to medium budget film, where he has a part. But, it is the same ‘part’ or the same place in those films. Chandini Chaudhary bounces through the proceedings as this is what she has been doing since a young age.

Simran Chaudhary gets a different character, but is eventually used for the specific commercial elements that a heroine is chosen for. There are a pair of action sequences, and he is right in them.

The rest of the cast includes famous actors like Tanikela Bharani, Shishir Sharma, Priyadarshi, Vineet Kumar, Makarand Deshpande, etc., but none have been able to rise above normalcy.

Music and other departments?

If there is one thing to mention positively regarding the film, it is music by Josh B. They do not serve as standalone audio, but within the narrative, they stand out due to the lousy work around. Satish M. Lisa’s cinematography is equivalent. Editing by Gautam Raju is fine. Writing is cheap. And due to the dubbing of some characters, its effect has got to the viewer.

Bombat Movie Review -



Relatively short length



The script


No engaging moments

Did i enjoy it


Would you recommend it?


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