Bombay Rose: An Odd to India’s Religious Diversity

India is a land rich in its cultural heritage, a fact that we always say in our preface, but there are times and examples when we forget to acknowledge and celebrate our differences. Bombay Rose is a story that deals with all the prevalent issues in our society which are filled with many religious differences.

Bombay Rose Gitanjali is the brainchild of Rao, who is an actress, animator and filmmaker. Every scene in this film was pictorial and meticulously depicted by the frame, which requires a lot of patience.

This is the story of three stories of love, despised by our society. The love between a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy, the love between two women and the love of an entire city for its Bollywood stars is the film as well as some heart touching music and a red rose that will make everyone brings together.

It portrays a society where love stories on the big screen can be crushed on the mean streets of your everyday life. Glamor and diversity all look good until things get out of hand, especially in conservative society. Bombay Rose can certainly be a breath of fresh air, especially with so much communal disagreement that is going on around us. Can two lovers of the same sex or different religions co-exist in a society that shouts at the idea of ​​both?

The things that scare us the most are the things we understand the least. Bombay Rose attempts to capture the essence of this statement. It will be released on Netflix on December 4.

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