Box Office: Crack 1 Day Big – Open

Against all odds, Ravi Teja’s latest release ‘Crack’ has grossed big at the box office. Although the film’s release was delayed on Saturday and the late-night show was screened, the momentum did not slow down and the collections surpassed expectations on Sunday.

Including the Saturday night show, ‘Crack’ earned Rs 10.50 crore, while the share stood at Rs 6.25 crore. This number is only fifty percent with a seating area and the number would be large with full capacity.

The commercial film has a pre-release theatrical business of Rs 20 crore. Therefore, the film needs to recover Rs 20 crore for the break-even.

Collection in details:

Nizam – Rs 2.28 crore

Cedar – Rs 1 crore

Answer: India – Rs 85 lakh

Guntur – 65 lakh rupees

East Godavari – Rs 48 lakhs

Krishna – Rs 45 lakhs

West Godavari – Rs 28 lakhs

Nellore – Rs 26 lakhs

Total AP / TG ​​share – Rs 6.25 crore

Total gross – Rs 10.5 crore

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