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As the Chairman and Managing Director of BPTP Ltd., it was Mr. Kabul ChawlaOf Vision and dedication to take a simple lifestyle beyond the four walls and transform urban Indian thinking with a unique approach. BPTP has a well-defined and strategically focused portfolio consisting of various projects in the glorious areas of Noida, Faridabad and Gurugram. Recently, in Gurugram, 102 Eden Estate, Gurugram’s highlighted project received massive response.

102 Eden Estate is One of a kind project by BPTP. It is a part of the existing and distributed marquee integrated township, Amastoria, located in Gurugram of Sector 102. Amastoria is near the Dwarka Expressway, just minutes from IGIA, Terminal 3. It has international schools, shopping facilities and hospitals. For comfort and convenience beyond the imaginations of investors and end users. 102 Eden Estate presents a unique opportunity for its investors and end-users to invest in plots that are already functional with families living and exploring operational, physical and social infrastructure in the premium surrounding area of ​​Gurgaon. Is a part of the township.

The Eden Estate is an extension of a beautiful theme that revolves around LIFE. Here, life encompasses the best place, investment, freedom and environment. The BPTP builders have made all the excellent provisions to make the living experience a beautiful opportunity for the living families. Even it is for those living in Amstoria or Eden Estate. The features and other highlighted features are state-of-the-art, modern and beneficial to its end-users.

The graceful township is spread over 126 acres in 102 sectors of Gurugram which provides smooth connectivity to investors and end users via extensive expressway (150 m wide NPR) and Upper Dwarka Expressway (75 m wide road). The facility offers its residents a winning shot to enjoy easy access to various other major destinations in Delhi and NCR.

102 Eden Estate plots were launched in Navratri 2020 with the proposed property for two years. The Aiden Estate has additional advantages over the neighborhood of Amstoria’s Premium Township. Indeed, Sector 102, Gurugram, is a unique address of Gurugram with exceptional planning, design, architecture and aesthetics to harmonize the global standards of the elite. The Eden Estate 2-acre Sanctuary Club along with BPTP is the latest addition to a proud kitty of projects, including end facilities such as a theater, pool, kids zone, restaurant, spa, water body and more. The whole area is safe. High level CCTV surveillance set up is managed by skilled officers. It has services such as street lights, service road, signboards, guards, etc., which make it easy for commuting during late arrival.

In the past, real estate has proved to be the most preferred asset for making safe investments in India. BPTP 102 Eden Estate is a classic example that real estate is still the most preferred investment option. The accretion from the Eden estate launch is the result of understanding fundamental values ​​and vision Mr. Kabul Chawla He portrays the dedication to bring ‘affordable luxury’ to Limelight. The selective advantages of location, outstanding features, brand name, and connectivity made it one of the richest projects ever, selling 100% during the launch of Navratri with positive response to date. The launch set new records in NCR’s real estate division. All these aspects gave new opportunities to invest in an already distributed gate township with state-of-the-art facilities and fully functional infrastructure. The set-up of the Eden estate project post lockdown, when the world is dealing with the crisis of COVID-19, is an unprecedented relief for the real estate industry. The achievement of this project is a major step towards revival of this ailing industry.

BPTP builders in Delhi NCR have extended their wings, and till date, are working on more than 30 ongoing projects under the guidance of the company Mr. Kabul Chawla. With diverse strategies and concepts, BPTP Limited is progressing and making amendments in Delhi NCR as real estate.

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