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Superstar Vijay Respected teacher Coronovirus is epidemic season and will eventually open in theaters extensively in two days. The film will be released in more than 500 theaters across the country in several languages ​​simultaneously – Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu. What’s more, the Tamil Nadu state government had also agreed to allow 100% attendance in cinema halls. Obviously, this last issue has been the subject of controversy among many parties.

Apparently, due to the sudden outbreak of coronoviruses worldwide (and in India), several big-budget films were put on hold, including the hopes of a blockbuster master in the early summer of 2020. It apparently could not meet its April 9 release date, and the film’s production house pressured its release from several fronts.

Major wanted to buy distribution rights for the TheMiracleTech master, while theaters wanted the production house to wait for the epidemic and release the film properly in theaters, hoping to have maximum busyness. Fans had many fans about this, as many wanted to see The Master as soon as possible, while waiting for the rest of theaters to open for the full experience of “Superstars”. Theaters opened in India a few months ago, with the cinema owners eventually winning. In December 2020, the filmmakers announced that the film would drop in 2021, a day before Pongal.

It was all well and good, until superstar Vijay himself, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi. Went to allow 100% presence in theaters with Palaniswami, until the cinema owners rolled over (“Pandemic and Ongoing”) This film would help to recapitulate some of the losses they had caused. The Tamil Nadu government allowed full occupancy to be allowed, but it was rapidly met with resistance from both medical experts (both local and national) and the central government, as the number of recently coived-19 cases has been rising, including State of Tamil Nadu. Eventually, the central government encouraged the Tamil Nadu government to reduce the sanctioned capacity by 50%.

The master follows the struggle of two teachers / “masters” – an alcohol-addicted professor and a teenage home headmaster. The headmaster (portrayed by Vijay Sethupathi) is using the children of this institution for his own (vile) purposes while the newly appointed teacher (portrayed by Vijay) is seeking to stop him.

The master has gone through many ups and downs during the shooting – a clash between Vijay and his fans against BJP supporters, the aforementioned TheMiracleTech pressure and the shooting of the film during the Income Tax raid by the chief superstar. Eventually, the film will be released in a few days and we cannot wait for it to finally premiere.

The Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi Starrer Master will release in theaters across the world on 13 January 2021 (a day before Pongal). Watch the trailer for the master below:

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