Brazilian judge suspends São Paulo F1 Grand Prix contract | sport

The Brazilian judge suspended São Paulo Formula 1 Grand Prix contract in Interlagos, so that public funds could be used to secure the race.

In December, it was announced that F1 has signed a five-year-old extension with Sao Paulo officials in Interlagos To maintain F1 competition in Brazil until 2025.

But amid claims of misuse of public funds, a Brazilian judge, Emilio Migliano Neto, in a recent ruling, has suspended the contract between the two sides until a pending investigation. Motorsport.

The judge said, “The facts appear without doubt, at least at this stage, that the principles of publicity and transparency are clearly violated.”

“For this reason also [absence of bidding]The contractual agreement needed to be implemented to assess whether the signed agreement effectively had the resources to cover the detailed expenses. “

Motorsport information further claims that the current nature of the contract suggests that the city of São Paulo is paying 20m Real – equivalent to US $ 3.65 per year over the five years of the deal signed with F1.

Prior to this, only public support was extended to pay for renovation work at the Interlagos site.

What will happen next?

In the current decision, São Paulo officials have been given five days to respond to the decision with relevant documents securing the 2021 race in Brazil.

While this is not good news for F1 officials, who are already busy fixing their already leaked calendar of 2021, many organizers have called for an adjournment.

Formula 1’s involvement in Brazil has been the subject of recent scrutiny, as it planned to take the Brazil Grand Prix to Rio, and persuaded the Brazilian government to build a new track, approving a portion of Amazon One Was required.

It was reported that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was in favor of the decision. But the project was eventually scrapped by a Brazilian court, and F1 resorted to Interlagos.

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