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The genius of Walt White’s character lies in the fact that we never really know what is happening to him.

Breaking bed‘Often called one of the best TV shows, and one of the many reasons for such an iconic title has to be in the category of its complex characters. The show is about a Walter White, A simple high school chemistry teacher Joe knows that he is suffering from cancer, but does not have the money to pay his bills. Therefore, using his knowledge in chemistry, he sets out to make high-quality meth, essentially reinforcing himself as a drug lord. With themes of violence and moral decadence, it is a dark, thrilling watch and easily one of the fastest-hearted TV dramas of recent times. In its five seasons, Breaking Bad has given fans many scenes that are somehow a mixture of crisis, awkwardness and violence.. And there is one such iconic scene which has one Walt forces his young son to drink tequila.

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What is going on in the tequila scene?

When we can never pinpoint exactly when the vault malfunctions, we see that through the early episodes all signs were sprinkled that it was going to happen. In the tenth episode of the second season “up“, In a scene Walt celebrating his cancer vacation with his family, Including his brother-in-law Hank, a DEA agent. Walt, son of Hank and Walt Walt Jr. Sitting on the side of the pool, and Hank is telling an adjacent Walt Jr. about an incident involving a Mexican drug cartel.

Walter White from Breaking Bad

Meanwhile, Walt played Brian Cranston Sits quietly, and then fills his son’s cup with tequila, asking him to drink. When he took out the cup, Walt filled him once more and ordered his son to drink it. Walt Jr. drinks it again. Walt then proceeds to fill the third cup for his son, so Hank places his hand on Walt Jr.’s cup, but he still continues to pour the drink. This leads to a stand-up between two men with Walt shouting, “My son, my bottle, my house”. But then Walt Jr. vomited in the pool and Skylar entered the scene, which isolates the situation.

Walter White’s Dark Side

As this article argues, this scene with Tequila, for some fans’ one of the iconic scenes of Breaking Bad, is the first time that Walt brings his killer back home.

‘Breaking Bad’ is essentially about how a family man turns into a killer’s hunger for power. It shows us how humans have full potential for evil and how there is a potential demonic side, including everyone, including ourselves. In this particular scene, we are exposed Vault’s cumbersome evil side, To settle for the first time in front of his family members.

This black side of Walter comes upon the audience almost suddenly, and it seems that we, as viewers, are not familiar with his true intentions. But this is also what makes the show interesting to watch. Don’t you agree?

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