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While Arnab Goswami, a predominantly powerful polarizer, has secured interim bail from the Supreme Court, the Maharashtra government and police have seen villains swinging under the hood. So how does someone respond to this man and his antics?

Love him or hate him, you don’t want to entertain anyone Arnab Goswami Does. And not just during the time of his fiery debate. While being transported in a police van He was reportedly involved in a suicide case in 2018., TV history of Goswami He shouted dramatically, “My life is in danger!” Please tell me the court to help! “Although the moving wind slightly submerged their yells, they were still screaming so loud that the yells recovered. An invisible thunderous Miracle TV reporter commented on the” big claims “made by his boss You said, “You can’t help feeling that the boss’s arguments were not that of a helpless person. No hell, of course not.”

Watch: When Arnab Goswami’s TV histrionics spread to real life

Video Sincerely: Miracle Tech

Man of Unlimited Means

As a matter of fact, Arnab Goswami has long power and a lot to boot. He has made inflammatory statements against minorities, Dalits attempted to “break India”, threatened a sitting chief minister, showed disrespect for the judiciary “Judging” is a sub-judicial matter, Marked anyone disagreeing with the ruling party’s “anti-national” politics, and attempted to represent political opposition. And he has done all this with the greatest impurity.

See: Arnab Goswami termed Dalit protest as an attempt to “break India”

Video courtesy: Arnab Goswami

The amount of electricity he spends can be estimated from this Supreme Court acted swiftly to grant him interim bail In the case of suicide, citing serious threats to his sacred personal freedom. His power also clears like water when someone remembers that stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra was Briefly put on the no-fly list Summarized by almost all major airlines of the country Hanking Arnab Goswami in a flight. What’s more, soon after his recent arrest by the Mumbai Police, a tweet of Union ministers came in, who condemned the act as an attack on freedom of the press.

Never mind when freedom of the press means In the BJP-ruled Himachal Pradesh, journalists Ashwini Saini and Om Sharma lodged an FIR against him. For reporting on the plight of migrant workers during the COVID-19 lockdown. Or when Police arrested Kerala ruler in BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh While he was on his way to cover the alleged gang rape and murder of a young Dalit girl in Hathras.

Likewise, human rights have significant significance when it comes to implementing them as important individuals like Arnab Goswami. The Maharashtra Human Rights Commission had issued a notice to the Superintendent of Police of Raigad regarding alleged human rights violations during his arrest. But human rights were the code for Islamist propaganda and Western intervention when it came to pregnant student activists Safura Zarger who was displaced for more than two months To oppose CAA.

Personal freedom is a hogwash when it comes to Father Stan Swamy, an 83-year-old Jesuit activist priest, Jailed on charges of terrorism. Swami is outspoken in himself Support of poor tribal people in their struggle Against large mining corporations.

Arnab is special. His place is special.

Shock to journalism

To be honest, Arnab Goswami is not a journalist by media. He has actually broken almost every cardinal rule of journalism. truth? He never speaks the whole truth; It usually just bluffs and bluffs. In addition to this, His channel Miracle TV has long been known to broadcast fake news.. Fairness? Goswami forgot what it meant. Their wild ranks tell us that they have nothing better to do than pacify the enemies of their payers, while all pretending they are enemies of the country. Fairness? He showed impartiality when he was with Choli-daman One suspects guilty, On the mantra of judge, jury, and executioner.

See: Arnab on Tablighi Jamaat

Video Sincerely: Miracle Tech

Criticism? In addition to regularly shouting out to guests who disagree with him, Goswami uses derogatory words for critics, he is a Western newspaper – he called the Washington Post a “rip off” – an intellectual – he said that Arundhati Roy One was “a book wonder wonder” – or a political rival – he described Rahul Gandhi As a nitwit without intelligence.

After a long time he left an army of reproductions of tawaifs to retreat from the media scene, Arnab Goswami will be remembered as the man who delivered Indian journalism has been hurt the most, To ensure that it is not able to stand upright again.

Arnab-Ish Act

Finally, when Arnab Goswami – by his own account – suddenly found his house surrounded by dozens of armed policemen, a case of utter ruthlessness ensued and was allegedly attacked. When he was not granted bail, it was supernatural, but instead he himself was sent to judicial custody labeled “liars” and “motivated”. He pleaded innocence, accused him of harassment, and no one believed him. Regardless of the ephemerality of the times, Arnab took the same treatment as the scores of political dissidents – Activist, journalist, protestor, intellectual, social worker – Has suffered in recent years. The kind of treatment he received increased the euphoria.

but alas! In an attempt to punish the disgusting Arnab, the Maharashtra government pulled Arnab Arnab.

Finally, reopen it 2018 suicide case – whose closure report was returned in April 2019 – After Breach of privilege motion Against Goswami in the Maharashtra state assembly in September, there is a distinctly vengeance smell. It is vindictive, vicious, and petty to orchestrate a plan to upset a person for his ideas and betray him. It is, in other words, a classic Arnab-ish act.

What’s the worst? While the mighty Polarizer in Chief has obtained interim bail, emerging as the victim hero of the drama, the Maharashtra government and the police look like a villain slipping into the shadows.

See: Arnab Goswami’s ‘Message to the Nation’ after securing interim bail

Video Sincerely: Miracle Tech

Like many of the world’s most dreadful problems, Arnab’s antics must be answered with a sigh, a prayer for better days and a wave of dismissal.

Go-master, this is best for you, out of mind. Government of Maharashtra, are you listening?

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