Britney Spears travels with boyfriend Sam Asgary for an early birthday celebration

Pop star singer Britney Spears Shared some photos with her boyfriend Sam Asgiriong> On a trip to Hawaii’s early birthday celebrations. Britney Spears birthday is coming soon on December 2, when she will turn 39.

Brittany Wrote in the caption, “It felt like a short trip to heaven for an early birthday celebration !! !!!!!!!!! @samasghari. “

While boyfriend Sam asgari Written with the same picture, “Hang loose the journey to heaven to celebrate the early birthday of the lioness.” ”

In a few more photos, Brittany shared on Instagram, wearing a black cool sunglasses, the blonde singer wrote in the caption, “I’m doing that whole thing right now !!! PS … I’m creative Wanted to get !!! “

“We are like …… in Mau… !!!! PS…. Do not mind my hair !!!! @samasghari, “she captions the latest post shared on Instagram in which Britney and Sam can be seen clicking some crazy selfie in sunglasses.

Brittany was in Hawaii as her lawyer Samuel Ingham In court, appeared for a conservative hearing last week. During the November 10 hearing, a judge Spears’ request to suspend her father Jamie from her role in his patronage rejected, Which has allowed him to control his career and personal life for the last 12 years, causing the social media #FreeBritney moment to trend at the time.

However, the judge said that she would consider future appeals for her suspension or removal, several media houses reported.

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The next hearing date for the Spears case has been set for Wednesday, December 16, 2020.

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