Bubly & Anokhi Reveal Truth To Vineet

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Latest Written Update 4th May 2021: Bubly & Anokhi Reveal Truth To Vineet

The upcoming episode of Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani begins where Anokhi Makes Bubly understand that her destiny does not have a space for love, at the same time Bubly consoles her by saying that whatever will be in her destiny, she will get it for sure. Spontaneously Anokhi changes the topic and says that they will have to reveal the truth in front of Vineet, that they are not going to get any payment. Meanwhile, he comes in a drunken state hence she does not tell to him anything.

Then Aastha asks Shann comprehensively regarding Shaurya that did he meet Anokhi or not, Shann mentions that he does not familiar with anything. Extempore he asks her that did she talk to Anokhi, Aastha reveals whatever she told her. Because Anokhi is not ready to marry Shaurya due to her career, another side Vineet got the call from a person from which he has taken a big debt. He says that he will return that whenever his wife will get the payment do not worry about it.

After that, Anokhi and Bubly come there and reveals that they are not going to get any payment because the event has canceled, and after hearing this he gets nervous. Then Anokhi says now they should start packing to go back to Chandigarh because everything has done. Meanwhile, she bumps with Kanchan and she asks her that did she talk to Shaurya or not. Anokhi replies that she does not want to talk to him, and thanks to her for the favor and whatever she has done for her.

Then she says everything has ended between them meanwhile she reveals that they are going back to Chandigarh. Then Kanchan makes a call to Shaurya and informs him that about Anokhi so that he can come fast to the hotel and convince her to stay. On another side, Devi gets worried about Shaurya and wonders that maybe Anokhi inflamed him against them. But Tej makes her understand that Anokhi is not wrong, and makes her remembers her mistakes which she has done.

Then says that she should not have announced his engagement, Devi replies that if she did not do this, so Shaurya announces his engagement with Anokhi for sure. Alok says that he agreed with Devi and says that time will heal everything, and Shagun also hears whatever they are talking about. Shagun says that she is happy that someone is here to understand her, So do not forget to watch it on Starplus at 07:00 Pm and for further information stay connected with us.

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