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Created by Keisuke Itgaki, Grappler is one of the famous and iconic manga of the rest of Japan. And in June 2018, an anime adaptation of the classic manga began Netflix. To date, the anime series has three seasons consisting of 39 episodes. Toshiki Hirano directs the show for TMS Entertainment, and Tatsuhiko Urhara writes it.

Bucky Season 3: Release Date

According to the schedule, the third season had a release date in June this year. Nevertheless, due to the epidemic, many suspected that the new season would maintain its opening times. However, Netflix was able to premiere the latest season on June 4, 2020 as planned. Also, like season two, the recent season has 13 episodes. Fans can watch it now on Netflix.

Bucky Season 3: Cast and Character

Most of the cast from the previous season returned to the rest of the third season. Therefore, Nobunaga Shimazaki reprized the role of the titular hero, the rest. In addition, he was accompanied by Yoshihi Kavara, as Kotsumi and Sora Ammiya played the role of Kozue. Also, others such as Kenjiro Tsuda (Sikorsky), Rikia Koyama (Retsu) were raising their respective characters’ voices.

Bucky Season 3: Plot

(Moving forward) As we expected, the third season of Bucky is ripe with thrilling fight scenes and intense drama. In it, Baji enters the famous Raitai tournament. And there, he fights and wins against many enemies without any difficulty. However, it seems that his victory comes at a price.

Throughout the season, we see Bucky assimilating his dark side more as he prepares to challenge his father. He also acts indifferent to his girlfriend Kozu, so far as he lets her get closer to Mohammed Alai Jr. This causes him to break away from his humanity and break away from Kozu. In addition, five prisoners are also ready to fight against him. It seems that our hero will face more challenges before going mano-in-mano with his father.

Bucky Season 3: Story

The story follows a fighter, Bucky Hanma. He attempts to overtake his father and take the throne of the strongest warrior in the world. And with that goal in mind, he trains and battles various other fighters around the world. Other people also join in their journey and fight on their behalf. Throughout the series, viewers see Bucky grow into a better fighter, as well as a rapid change in personality.

Rest of Season 3: Future Prospects

Although not much information is available right now, we are quite confident about season four. The show usually divides the season into two parts, which means that the second half of the current season will come. However, we do not know when it will arrive. At the moment, everything is considered, season four will hit the screens Miracle year or a year after that. According to reports, the English dub of the third season will take place later this year or early 2021. Until then, keep watching.

Bucky Season 3: Trailer

The trailer for the latest season premiered months ago. Fans can see it here.

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