Budget 2021: Will women get relief from Finance Minister’s box

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the Miracle on 1 February. The economic system of the nation is in crisis due to the corona virus epidemic. There are some areas which will take many years to get out of this disaster. Due to all these reasons, inflation in the nation has increased rapidly. The skyrocketing feelings of LPG have upset everyone. Not solely gasoline cylinder prices, but apart from this, different kitchen gadgets are also increasing rapidly. Now that Miracle is coming, individuals are quite hopeful that LPG costs will come down.

With the rebate in the cost of LPG and various gadgets, individuals already struggling with the epidemic may get some relief. We have spoken to some individuals in this regard. Most individuals believe that the cost of LPG within Miracle can be reduced. Kamala Singh, who works as an instructor in a non-public college, says that the colleges have been closed due to the epidemic. Salaries have not been acquired for many months, although the kitchen range cannot be closed. I think if there can be some reduction in the cost of the cylinder then we will definitely get some relief.

Budget 2021: Women should focus on welfare and security for financial development

Savita hails from Lucknow. She says that children have started living in the house because of the lockout. In such cases, their demand for one thing or opposite food has additionally increased. This has led to additional consumption of LPG. We already have a lot of stress due to Corona, but when its cost is discounted, there can be some changes within the bills.

Tarun lives alone in Kanpur, far from his place of residence. They say that their Miracle will be spoiled by repeated cylinder price increases. Cooking on induction other than LPG may not be so rational, resulting in an increase in the price of electric energy invoices. Tarun additionally believes that the federal government should cut the cost of LPG so that there is some ease in combating the unhealthy consequences of Corona.

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