Bumper offer: Netflix is ​​free for a weekend – TheMiracleTech

Netflix is ​​one of the world’s highest streaming giants with a huge subscriber base. Netflix is ​​gradually expanding its business by launching interesting original films and shows in India. To attract more viewers, Netflix is ​​organizing a free streamfest, where everyone in India can use the streaming service at no charge. This year there will be a two-day streamfest on 5 December and 6 December. Users do not need any credit card or debit card to watch content on Netflix.

Netflix typically has a higher subscription price than other streaming services. Therefore, this streamfest will benefit those who want to catch their favorite movies, shows or documentaries quickly.

To access Streamfest, users must sign up using their name, email or phone number and password. This process will not require any credit or debit card or payment.

The people of Netflix are excited by this new experiment in India and are looking forward to building a dedicated customer base. Netflix started promoting for the same on social networking sites.

What are you waiting for? Netflix and Chill on December 5 and 6!

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