Business: In full regrouping, Black Friday’s hold is controversial

For many years now, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to shop for Christmas by taking advantage of considerable publicity. In 2020, this commercial operation across the Atlantic is scheduled for Friday, November 27. But completely reconfinement Against the epidemic of COVID-19Restrictions on opening thousands of Star Christmas shops – bookstores, toy stores, jewelry stores, etc. – lined with Ban on sale of non-essential products in supermarkets Makes sulfur the 2020 version. For the occasion, small merchants as well as major retailers fear that purchase will be seen online Digital giants Already accused of unfair competition.

“Black Friday 2020 is under-operation of Amazon and others on Christmas shopping”, summarizes a bookseller in Hot-Day-Scene. Several unions that will meet the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, within a week have planned to warn the government about the distortion of competition. The National Council of Shopping Centers also calls for “plans for an immediate ban on Black Friday with media publicity in full swing”. “Impossible”, we reply to Bercy. “Restricting or punishing online activity would be inconsistent with our message because it would not be possible to avoid the spread of the virus as much as possible”, we explain to Alain Griset’s cabinet, the representative of the minister in charge of TPE. -SME. Above all, unlike sales, which are highly regulated by law, Black Friday is simply a period of promotion with blurred outlines.

The emerging controversy has not spared the online sales giants. “We do not plan to cancel, but we will be calm,” the French leader in e-commerce, Amsnol Grenadier, CEO of Cdiscount promises. This is also the position of Amazon. The American veteran, who still emerged on the theme of “buy ahead and relax” with “Hours Before Black Friday”, announced that it would Suspend its communication campaign.

“Increased control for Internet purchases”

The forums keep a low profile, but they rub their hands: “In France, all distribution centers will run at full speed”, Coward, bitter, a senior official. So Bercy sends back… For personal responsibility! “We’ve worked for equity, for the French to make sure it’s real,” one ministry explains, though powerless to prevent e-commerce veterans from winning the day. On Black Friday, small merchants can do this in their storefront and consumers can take advantage of it N click and collect ».

However, future winners of the event will be closely monitored. “We have implemented increased controls for Internet purchases,” warns Romain Rusal, chief of staff at the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF). We monitor benchmark prices of major online shopping sites and track fake promos. “

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