Can India ever create a superhero franchise to compete against DC / Marvel?

India is known as the land of different cultures and religions, yet whenever you look BollywoodTrying to make a good superhero film, you can’t help but hide your face from shame. There were some skirmishes here and there but no one captured the imagination.

It begs us to ask questions. Will India ever be able to come up with such material to compete with the likes of Hollywood? India is rich in its history and heritage, and Indian mythology can be a great place for filmmakers to begin their quest in the perfect desi hunt. Super heroes.

This will not only provide filmmakers with a majestic backdrop for their characters, but will also be a great way to impart some knowledge about our heritage.

All superheroes are born of comic books, and thus a fan following is built around the aura and character’s abilities in the picture. While this may not be at the level of some of the best comic book companies, our own ‘Raj Comics’ are undoubtedly a great place to start in search of some indigenous superheroes with the likes of Aghori Ajayat, Nagraj, Doga, Dhruv and many more . more.

While the likes of Bhavesh Joshi: Superheroes and Men Are Not Afraid, have proved some relief to viewers that these experiences are few and far between, and their box office collections tell you why producers would avoid taking such risks Huh. Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota may not be an out and out vigorous movie, but if the filmmakers give it a little thought, they can actually build a franchise around the concept. It rolls over the entire ‘Kick-Ass’ vibe.

When it comes to making a superhero from our motherland, there is certainly no shortage of stories, but the main question is this. Are new-age filmmakers ready to take risks and most importantly, will they be able to execute it in a matter that really glorifies it?

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