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As states state their votes matter, the president’s prospects are indicated Donald TrumpThe victory seems to be decreasing. Restlessness to confirm this fact Republican Who are now following all the paths which may lead them out of defeat. As Democratic Candidate and former vice president Joe Biden Assured people that they were on the road to winning, Trump announced he would challenge Votes matter through legal battles in the Supreme Court. Not too surprising because they not only explained their intentions to never accept, but also did not Supreme Court appoints judge Amy Connie Barrett A few weeks ago 2020 US Presidential Election. The question is, can Trump still win the election?

Trump challenging the election does not come as a surprise since the president had already made his intention to not be clear in the race until November.

Is Trump’s strategy for holding elections in the Supreme Court correct?

Legal advisors and experts plan to leverage Coronavirus To challenge the election in US Supreme Court. He claims that there is not only a greater risk of cheating, it is also unconstitutional to make polling easier and secure between elections. It is a part Trump’s argument, The second is that these practices are employed and executed by the governors of the state, not those legislatures that are against the constitution and fair elections, to make the election between epidemics more convenient. The idea is to stop voting in Pennsylvania and Michigan. In another attempt to hack elections, Republicans also sue Georgia Accusing a poll worker of incorrectly mixing absentee ballots and separating late ballots.

Although many people would think that it would not be difficult for the Republic to win arguments in the Supreme Court, given the Conservative majority of judges being conservative. However, it is more complex than it sounds.

The Supreme Court has the discretion to hear or not to hear the case given by the Certificate Act of 1925.

It is also a last resort for justice in the country and, therefore, only hears cases that have been previously adjudicated in the lower court and are genuine disputes and not motions. In fact, Trump is already More than 40 cases registered Related to elections in recent times. The case filed in a lower court that can now help the SC to explain Trump is a Pennsylvania case.

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Can Trump win the election a legal battle in the Supreme Court? | Tech | Video Credit: Bloomberg Politics

Trump’s focus will be on the standard strategy of challenging elections – the way they are conducted, which, if favored by the judiciary, could result in dropping votes or stopping the counting process. However, this will not be easy as the court last month refused to put the Pennsylvania case on the fast-track, evidence to bring it under the radar must be exceptionally strong. It will also require an affidavit with long proof of wrongdoing.

Trump’s focus will be on the standard strategy of challenging elections – the way they are conducted.

However, the Pennsylvania case is not the only case that matters. While the SC dismissed the case, it ruled Wisconsin case where there were fair parties with Republicans Announcing acceptance and counting of late mail-in ballots.

In pennsylvaniaOf the 89 percent of reported votes, 50.7 percent are in Biden’s court while 48.1 percent are of Trump. Speaking of absentee votes, Biden holds 78.4 percent, while Trump holds 20.7 percent.

Actually Republican President Donald Trump Positive result is expected Since his majestic efforts since the Supreme Court was conservative. Pennsylvania could be denied at first, but again, it did not matter much. Now is the right time. Also, something to learn from the Wisconsin case that was ruled in favor of the Republicans Amy Connie Barrett Justice was also not on the panel. Now that it has made the conservative panel even stronger, the Democrats and Joe Biden should be ready to face trouble at the last minute.

Example: George W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election

When George W. Bush challenged the election in 2000The battle escalated for 35 days in his victory. Democratic nominee Al Gore, who had apparently won the state of Florida, suffered a defeat he had not imagined because the Supreme Court stopped the count. In 2000, Bush became the first president to win an election despite losing the popular vote.

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History repeated itself in 2016 when Trump won attention despite losing the popular votes by a margin of 3 million by concentrating with the electoral slate. This time its first bid is a legal battle against elections in the Supreme Court. Supreme Court had made George w bush Despite the United States losing the presidential election. Can it do it again?

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Can Trump win the election a legal battle in the Supreme Court? | Tech | Video courtesy: CBS This Morning

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