Can we see the return of a Malayalam Cult character for Malayalam 3?

Drishyam 2 was released more than a week ago, and is up and running in 8-9 days, it has already climbed to the number 3 spot on IMDb’s list of top rated Indian films. Such as Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back was better than its predecessor, Star Wars IV: A New Hope, Dirshyam 2 Better than its prequel drama. Drishyam 2 has actually ended on a reasonable final note at the moment, so making the third part of this film series is not viable at this point, but it hasn’t stopped fans from making their own fictional versions. And the most interesting speculation that we have seen for Drishyam 3 is Mammootty’s Sethuram Iyer, besides CBI’s DySP.

Mammootty In the 1988 film Oru CBI Diary Kruppappu played detective Sethuram Iyer, Deputy Superintendent of CBI. The film was a huge hit, but it was thanks to the detective work portrayed by Mammootty’s character and his team. The megastar actor has portrayed a fan favorite character in three more films – Jagratha, Sethuram Iyer CBI and Nerian CBI – which have further strengthened the character in Malayalam film history and helped give the character cult status.

Sethuram Iyer is a brilliant detective (in films) and he works with an equally smart underpants team. The films mentioned earlier give us a look at her investigative abilities, and we feel that with the right motivation, Geeta Prabhakar can request the CBI in the case of her son’s death. This clash of titans on screen – Mohanlal and Mammootty, will at the very least bring viewers to theaters (or TheMiracleTechs) to watch the film. Both characters are intelligent, calm and reserved, so their conversation will be something to behold.

But Drishyam 2 ended on a well-set note. And we’re not complaining – many didn’t expect the film to be as good. Drishyam 2 was a film that should have landed in theaters, but it reached a lot of fans shortly after its release. But what is done is done and the film has performed well among critics and serials. We do not think that this film is going to be another film in the franchise, but if it does, we are hopeful that Jethu will consider bringing in Joseph Debonair Spies.

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