Canon India showcases its performance in the cinema sector at the Broadcast India Show 2020 – Tech

– Reveals new EOS C70 – Compact Cinema Camera with RF Mount

new Delhi, 3 November 2020 / PRNewswire / – Canon India, One of the leading innovators in the imaging and printing space, showcased the new Cinema EOS C70 at the famous Broadcast India show 2020. Held virtually for the first time, the BI Show 2020 is one of the major industry platforms showcasing Miracle-gen broadcasts. Technologies. With the theme ‘In focus, in demand ‘The event will have a good mix of 29 technical sessions, technology demonstrations and networkingTh From 31 toSt.October 2020.

Mr. Kazutada Kobayashi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Canada India Private Limited, sharing a key message on the opening day. Ltd. reiterated the brand’s increasing focus on the cinematography and videography segment for a simpler filming experience. The recently launched Cinema EOS C70 is a step towards addressing the growing needs of cinema and broadcast professionals in the country. The EOS C70 comes equipped with powerful imaging features, advanced connectivity and flexibility in a very compact form factor, which is sure to appeal to a wide audience base.

Mr. Kazutada Kobayashi, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canon India Pvt. Limited. Said, “As one of the most suitable platforms for the broadcast and cinema industry, the Broadcast India show has always enabled us to bring out the best of our broadcasting techniques and connect with a wide range of audiences. As the extraordinary times require a change in approach and to keep the show running, we are excited to be part of the first virtual edition of the Broadcast India show 2020. The broadcasting industry has seen many changes in recent times and it is extremely important for filmmakers to connect with the latest trends and technology. At Canon, we strive to bring our valued customers closer to the very best imaging solutions that excel innovation. Through the performance of our cinema and broadcast solutions, especially the new Cinema EOS C70, we want to enable our customers to have a broader filmmaking experience and inspire creativity in visual storytelling. “

He added, “Based on the positive feedback received in previous editions of the BI show, we are happy to mark yet another milestone in our collaboration with the premium platform. With showcasing our products and solutions, we aim to create a strong engagement with imaging enthusiasts and get first-hand feedback from the industry. “

Director of Consumer Systems Products and Imaging Communications Products Mr.C. Sukumaran said, “We are ready to be a part of the first digital edition of the Broadcast India show and witness the future of broadcast technology. Year after year, it serves as a platform for us to showcase our best product innovations and connect with our audience. At Canon, we have aimed to continuously introduce best-in-class products with path-breaking technology that meets the growing needs of our consumers and provides them with an enjoyable experience. Correspondingly, the highlight for us at this year’s BI show is the showcase of the new Cinema EOS C70, the first Cinema EOS to feature an RF mount, opening up a myriad of possibilities for creative cinematography. In addition, we will also showcase the entire portfolio of cinema products and feature live technical sessions by technical experts. With our participation in the BI show, we look forward to gaining audience perspective and providing innovative solutions to today’s filmmakers and cinematographers that enable them to push the boundaries of creative expression. “

Additionally, Canon India is also operating a digital masterclass during the show with Canon Cinema EOS Ambassador and renowned wildlife photographer. Alphonse Roy On 29 October. After extensive knowledge and experience in the field, Mr. Roy will share his insights about the subject, ‘Is HDR the future?’

Is a specialty 4K Super 35mm CMG DGO (Dual Gain Output) sensor, EOS C70 can capture high-image-quality 4K Video in 4: 2: 2 (10-bit) color, which provides rich upgrades even in environments demanding high dynamic range. In addition, the camera is equipped with the DIGIC DV7 image-processing platform capable of high-speed processing, allowing users to record high-frame rates. 4K/ 120P video for UHS-II standard SD card.

About the Canon Group

Since laying its foundation in 1937, Cannon has been guided by the philosophy of “Kaosi” and to live together and work for the common good. Canon strives to create and distribute world class products, diversifying into new business areas around the world and becoming a top global corporation. Focusing on optical technologies, Canon produces office equipment, consumer and professional imaging devices, network cameras, healthcare and industrial equipment. Through a close relationship between its global head office in Tokyo And regional headquarters in the United States, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Regional Headquarters Japan, Canon organically combines its global and local operations. In 1996, Canon launched its Outstanding Global Corporation Plan with the goal of serving society with advanced technologies and becoming a trusted and responsible corporate citizen. The year 2016 was the first year of Phase 5 of the plan. Currently, Canon boasts a strong global presence of 376 subsidiaries worldwide, supported by 197,776 employees. (Data as December 31, 2017)

About Canon India

Canon India Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of Canon Singapore Pvt. Ltd., is a world leader in imaging technologies. Founded in 1997, Canon markets over 200 broad range of sophisticated contemporary digital imaging products and solutions India. The company today has offices and warehouses in 14 cities India And employs over 1000 people and over 850 channel partners. Canon India So far, more than 250 retailer stores in more than 100 cities of the country are recognized as “Image Square”. Canon Of India The service reaches over 633 cities covering 18,957 pin codes India – Including 250+ camera collection points, 16 camera repair centers, 279 printer repair centers, 191 copiers, scanners and large format printer sales and service dealers. (Data as September 16, 2020).

According to its corporate tagline – ‘Delighting You Always’, reinforced by world class technology, Canon offers an expanded product portfolio, including copier MFD, managed document service, printers, document and check scanners, digital cameras, DSLRs, cinematic imaging products. Catering is included. Consumer, SME, B2B, Commercial, Government and Public Sector across multiple market segments.

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