Capcom Security Breach Worse Than Before: Personal Data Compromise Of Over 16,415 People | sport

Capcom safety breech is worse than previously thought. More information is now coming out about the big attack on Capcom last year. Read more to know all the latest details about this incident.

Back in November 2020, Capcom, the Japanese video game developer and publisher, was hacked. Capcom initially stated that personal information, sales reports and other financial data, and information on upcoming game releases were hacked by a group called Ragnar Locker.

Initially, Capcom suggested that only nine current and former employees’ personal data was accessed. However, a maximum of 350,000 people retained, including business partners, former employees and customers, may be affected.

However, in its third and most recent update about the incident, Capcom announced that personal data of at least 16,415 people could be compromised. It includes 3,248 business partners, 9,164 former employees and 3,995 current employees. There is another part imposed by him, which puts the number of affected people up to 390,000.

Now what for Capcom?

Capcom states that only names, email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses and HR information have been compromised. As all credit card transactions are taken care of by third parties, no information about it has been hacked. Capcom also does not store this information internally, which is a big sigh of relief.

Another tangent is online game-play. Capcom assured that there is no problem with the functionality of the game, and that it is safe to buy and play games on the Internet.

Right now, Capcom is confirming those who have been attacked and are attempting to contact them. They are also assuring that the internal system has recovered from this attack, and business operations have returned to normal.

Capcom is currently working with the authorities to investigate the greater impact, and also strengthen their security.

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