Cardona Bra Fence, New Zealand: a tall wall of ‘bra’, know the interesting story behind it

Women usually use bras to cover their breasts, but have you ever seen a wall where you can only see bras. If you are surprised to hear this, let us tell you that there is also a country in the world which has a long wall and its interesting story attracts tourists. Actually, it is the country of the world New zealand, And this Nice wall Located here is known as Cardona bra fence. Let’s know behind its interesting story.

Cardona Bra Fence is a place where you will find bras of every shape, shape and pattern. Tourists come to see this bra wall.

The place attracts tourists from all over the world, located in Central Otago, New Zealand.

Looking at its history, it is a 1999 incident, when four people were found mysteriously hanging in a fence on Cardona Valley Road, Otago. After this, people from the vicinity also started putting bra there.

Gradually this fence was transformed into a Nice wall, When only the bra was visible. It is said that the tourists who come here also take off their undergarments and place them in this fence and hanging bra has become a tradition here.

It is said that a thief later started stealing bras from this fence at night, but each time a bra was stolen, the next day saw more bras hanging in that fence. Due to its interesting story, this fence became so famous that traffic got jammed, so this fence was removed from the main highway and turned inward.

Significantly, an event was organized in 2015 to raise money to help breast cancer patients, it has since been renamed. Cardona bra fence

Service Bradroen.

After this, a similar wall is said to have been built in many places in New Zealand, but still, Cardona bra fence It is the main center of tourist attraction.

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