Carmella makes fun of mother after insulting dollar store

Carmella lit up the fan with Mom’s joke after the dollar store insult The Untouchable WWE Superstar was not leaving any prisoners behind on Twitter.

It is very common for people to dislike celebrities and be vocal about it. Due to the nature of the industry it is also important in wrestling. Wrestlers always try to make the crowd love or hate them based on their alignment in the story they tell.

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Carmella, clearly a heel (bad guy), was the target of a fan on social media trying to get one over her. What she did not count on was that the former SmackDown women’s champion would come not just for her but also for her mother.

Carmella burns fan with mocking Mummy after insulting dollar store

“Hey @CarmellaWWE, I’m going to the Dollar Store. Do you want me to choose some talent while you are there? “ The fan wrote.

“I have all the talent in the world, babe. But while you’re there, why don’t you ask your mother what she is doing after her shift? “ He replied.

Vlogger Grandpoiber told Carmella that she did not make fun of her mother’s efforts as she tried to make a living.

“My mom jokes are about beating up your moms who don’t shake them to try to make a living!” She wrote.

“Perfect,” Carmela wrote saying that this was what it was originally.

At one glance, it seems that Carmella was doing exactly the same as Grandpauer had accused her. Whether it was his intention or not, he played it well. At the same time, he has sent a message to fans not to come back to him without expecting anything back from him.

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