Caroline Stanbury: What is her net worth, personal life and career?

Caroline Stanbury is known for her luxury goods industry gift library, celebrities and other elites. She is an entrepreneur and a personal stylist and also has other business ventures. Caroline is also a cast member of the “Women of London” show. The show presents the rich lives of seven women from a high profile background. In addition, she now runs a company providing wedding services. It is known as “Caroline Stanbury’s Wedding Wedding”. She has conquered the world of business and now serves rich and social people.

Childhood and early life

Caroline Stanbury was born into a family of great fortune and also fashion. He was born on 28 April 1976 in London. His parents are Anthony Stanbury and Elizabeth Stanbury. Anthony was the managing director of the famous Jagger. A fashion world for the upper class. Her mother Elizabeth was involved in a cashmere knitwear business. Furthermore, we can assume that she was fascinated by the luxury and style in her world. Caroline was familiar with royalty and nobles since childhood. He attended Amir Westonburt School in Gloucestershire. Despite having good money and luck for a lifetime. She was independent and made her place in the luxury goods industry and also on television.

Personal life and career

Caroline Stanbury started working in public relations. In addition, she moved into the personal styling, luxury goods industry. She was also a cast member in a series of London women. His family and social contacts have made it easier for him to pave the way for business. Along with this it gave an advantage in starting two companies of its own. Carolyn Stanbury’s Gift Library is a favorite among celebrities. He also has a good fan following in his social media accounts.

Her love life has also ranged from royals to other upper-class partners. He has dated people like Prince Edwards and Hugh Grants. In 2004, she hooked up with Kay Habib, a financier. They have three children, Yasmine Habib, Zac Habib and Aaron Habib. The couple moved to Dubai in 2016.

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What is Caroline Stanbury Net Worth?

Carolyn Stanbury is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $ 30 million. With all his business ventures and luxury goods, he has certainly earned a lot through his career.

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