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“Pogaru” with Durva Sarja and Rashmika Mandanna would be given in Tamil as Dabade and Sema Thimiru or Sema Thimiru in the first place.

The protagonist of the film is Truva Sarja, a half-brother, who was the cousin of the late entertainer Chiranjeevi Sarja and action king Arjun. The film begins with the honor of Chiranjeevi Sarja.

name of the movie – Thimiru said

The style – action | Thriller

the director – Nandakishore

created by – BK Gangadhar

language – Kannada, Telugu, Tamil

Budget – crore 25 crores

As usual, the film Semma Thirimu in Kannada, Telugu and Tamil was given in three dialects on 19 February and was a huge hit with the audience. The film was distributed in Kannada and Telugu as Pogaru and in Tamil as Sem Thirimu. Fans say that wherever the film is, the first part of the film is intriguing and lively and the next part is not far away. Fans are also suggesting that scenes with more activity have surfaced.

In the full-length film Sema Thirimu, Rashmika Mandana usually performs, which means that where she proposes the legend, Rashmika Mandana continues in a fascinating area where she usually appears and fans Let’s heat up It gets better on viewing, and the film has a huge fan base of Rashmika Mandana in Tamil Nadu. Fans say that the film will undoubtedly line up well along these lines.

The film will be distributed in three dialects. One of the Tamil language tunes of this film is very well known from city to city. The film was tuned to YouTube a month ago and became extremely popular among fans. Everyone sings and plays this tune and for this they thank the cinema family group for this tune.

The film is a film in Kannada. In any case, if the film group chooses to deliver the film in three dialects due to clarification, it will generally be welcomed in Kannada, with the film being distributed in Tamil, Kannada and Hindi as needed at the time.

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There is no reason for emotion in the film. As Truva moves, the fights shake the dynamic bar. The long-awaited, brave wife Rashmika did not do much work in the main half. The scene changes before he can see his grandeur opening his mouth. Rashmika talks about an affection department called Semma Masa at a similar place in the evening. Druvia and Ravi Shankar’s mother understood the power of the characters and acted.

The film was generally welcomed by fans due to its mix of activity and sentimentality. The interpretation is that the secret of the film, distributed by the film group, was generally welcomed by individuals. The film’s team says growing into the foundation is the explanation.

Meanwhile, a tune from this film becomes famous and the melody and basic cinematography of this film are exceptionally beautiful. Because of this, it is sung and sung in the same way by children and adults.

The trailer of the film is delivered after all the film work is completed. It is the result of an infection that has weakened the world. However, all the work of this film is over and the work of change is not over.

The film group suspended the film due to infection contamination which began to complete the transformation cycle. They start and end the film at that point and stop it completely so that the film ends.

Further changes recommended that the film be distributed not only in Canada but in three dialects. As required, the film will be distributed in Tamil and Kannada Hindi. The group has confirmed that the film will be distributed in January 2021.

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Individuals usually stick to watching this film. The team has confirmed that the film will be screened directly through theaters through the sites. The film is coming to theaters.

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Sema Thimiru Movie Review

Rashmika Mandana has also brought a combined shape, which is much better for entertainment in relation to the locations of the film. That is to say, the film centers on worship between an entertainment and an entertainment that actually continues.

Movie duration – 2.30 coin

Movie rating – good

Type of film – Confirmation

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Film teaser

Last word

Fans are excited to see him as the mystery of this film is released so grandly. All things considered, if fans have to wait a few more days to see this film, what is the benefit? We sit back and see what the picture looks like.

Doing something unique is a crime under Indian law. FilmyOne.com is absolutely against this type of theft. The material that appears here is for educational purposes. Inspiration is never possible to steal and display shameless. If this is not too much trouble, then avoid such sites and choose the right way to download the movie.

Even after the story is broken, love tries to move like family, lower class. Truva’s longing for nail affection is in the film’s final resting place. It may have been shot with a lot of ground shots. Sema Thimiru is a mass entertainment film that is generally passable as it cannot miss the justification and goes with families.

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