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Chalang Movie Overview: Chalang Chhalang Rajkummar Rao and Nusrat Barucha Starr Prime Video Original Movie Leap is now appearing on stage, here in the post we are going to give you a little overview of the film, we will give you some information about parents guidance, performance and some other details Will tell film.


Parental guidance

The film is suitable for watching with the family, the film is made for Parivar Dwitham and if you are looking for some neat Hindi film with inspiration to watch this weekend, you can watch this movie , The film is family-friendly and children will surely like it, the film has also set a good example for parents.


The film is about 120 minutes long and is available on Amazon Prime Video in Hindi audio with some regional subtitles, if you really want to make the film great, you have to give the film at least 100 minutes, the songs of the film are fantastic And they don’t bore you and you’re really going to enjoy the song.

What is it about

The film is about the school teacher who trains his students for a competition to be held next month, he has to trend the student to zero level because they are not related to sports, can he? The film will tell you.

What is your opinion about the film, do let us know in the comment section, stay tuned with us for more such posts and updates on the web and oat releases.

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