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The name of character artist Goprajou Ramana cannot immediately ring a bell for the younger generation. But the films he has done over the years were numerous. From Krishna Vamsi’s Sasirekha Paranami to Indraganti Mohan Krishna’s Graham, Ashta Chamma to Nara Rohit’s Banam, Balakrishna and Krishna’s Gautami sons Satakarni, Goparaju Ramana starred in many notable films. But those roles were seen relatively infrequently as they were separated from other leading roles in those films.

Well, truth be told, it is rare for a character actor to appear in the film with a bunch of other actors, including the leading roles around whom the story revolves. However, Kudos saw him in a noticeable character in the recently released Middle Class Melodies for Raman to achieve this rare feat. In fact, Ramana breathed life into the role of a father from a middle class family. His natural acting, entertaining scenes made his role the highlight of the film. Thanks to Raman’s theater background, he gave a flawless performance. Every scene of Raman in the film stood out. As an ordinary middle-class father, Ramna appears to be selling her farm for the son’s hotel. The scenes in the first half were well written. While the film has its shortcomings in the second half, overall middle class melodies fit well for TheMiracleTech Watch.

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