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Charlie Cox being seen as Daredevil for MCU by KU Feige and Marvel Studios

It was a shock to Daredevil fans when an ax was killed on a Netflix show. Outside of MCU films, Netflix’s Marvel character shows have their own place and popularity. While shows like Jessica Jones, Daredevil and The Punish were crushed in the studio reorganization, fans were distraught. Later Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige played the role of Chief Creative Officer and captured all the Marvel TV shows. #SaveTheDaredevil feels like a ragging studio with the fan movement and its head has finally made up his mind about bringing Charlie Cox back in the role of Daredevil.

Is it possible to bring Charlie Cox as Daredevil in MCU?

While the Daredevil show was pulled down from Netflix, it still held the character. It is a matter of time when Daredevil rights return to Marvel from Netflix. It is ready to return home from Hell’s Kitchen and ready to give chase.

Also, with Cox’s popularity as a persuasion by Daredevil and fans, studios have to seriously consider the actor. A few weeks ago WGTC reported Marvel head talked about the role of Kevin Feige to open the conversation with Cowell. This was confirmed by industry insider Daniel Richman in a recent tweet. And recently, trusted industry insider Charles Murphy also confirmed the reports And further stated that the announcement could be made in December. He also appeared on Save the Daredevil Podcast.

If indeed the rumors are true then there is a behavior for fans. This will be the second time since the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement that a major studio has taken into account fans’ demands. The major point of WB’s distinction involved an injustice to Snyder and his fans, while Marvel had to wait outside of copyright issues.

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How to add Daredevil to MCU?

It is fairly certain that Marvel is set to re-set several characters in the MCU. With multiverse in tow, it is easier than ever to bring in these characters. For example, there is a leak that suggests Deadpool will be followed. Along similar lines, we can expect Charlie Cox’s Daredevil to make his MCU debut. Of course, the other supporting characters on the Netflix show may not find a place in the MCU nor the events taking place in the Marvel TV universe.

Nevertheless, Vigionte has several entry points from Hell’s Kitchen to make his MCU debut. Mostly famous fans were waiting for his rescue Peter Parker on the run in Spider-Man 3 Although Doctor Strange has taken advantage of the opportunity. However, a post-credit scene would be appropriate to make him part of MCU Phase 4.

Charlie Cox may enter MCU Disney + Series She-Hulk, Such as Jennifer Walters and Matt Mudrock, have had crossovers several times. Both are a lawyer by day and fight crime by night. There were rumors about Daredevil being introduced in MCU Phase 5 as a part of the New Avengers lineup.

Once the official announcement is made, fans will be eliminated.

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