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apna time bhi aega

In the latest episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega, you will watch Rani feels that someone must be around her to interrupts her because whenever she tries to express her feelings towards Veer somebody comes in between no matter how and from where. While thinking about this she goes out of the room suddenly Kiara stops her and asks what is she doing here at this time. Kiara talks to her and as usual, gets angry meanwhile she looks at Rani’s forehead where she notices some vermillion and yells.

Veer gets all her voice in his ears then he goes to Vikram to inform him. Vikram says go and sleep you must dream about Rani’s voice. Both of them hear Kiara’s voice and run towards her room. There in the room, Kiara asks Rani why is she applying vermillion on her forehead, she threatens to reveal the truth. Veer knocks on the door and asks “what you guys are doing inside?” Kiara opens the door and shows Rani’s forehead to Veer. He says let her do whatever she wants to do, why are you bent on putting your nose in between her life all the time.

Kiara screams saying she was lying to me, what about that, she again says “Rani reveal the truth”. Veer standing at Rani’s side says Rani does not need to reply to you because “I brought her here and she is his responsibility”. Veer wanted to say some more but Rani stops him. However, Veer gets angry and says “I can’t bear Rani’s insult anymore and you will get the reply if you speak one more word”, and he decides to visit Kiara’s doctor. When he goes to the doctor, the doctor tells that Kiara is taking all the medicines and now the only thing they have to keep is waiting for the correct time.

Veer stops the doctor saying how far will I have to tolerate this because now the things are getting over and I’m not able to bear it anymore. There Rani says to Veer it’s not anyone’s fault but all the situations we are going through are making us do this, and Kiara is also right at her side because according to Kiara Rani is an unmarried girl. The episode ends at this drama, there are much more things to watch in the show so Stay tuned to get all the latest written updates and gossips on the show.

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